Danubius International Conferences, 8th International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives

Qualitative research methods in visual communication. Case study: Visual networks in the promotional videos of the European Year of Volunteering

Camelia Cmeciu, Doina Cmeciu
Last modified: 2013-08-14


European Years are a means of promoting European issues at a macro and micro-level. The objective of this paper is to provide the visual differences in the framing of the issue of volunteering at a European and national level. The approach focuses on a blending of two qualitative research methods in visual communication: ATLAS.ti (computer assisted/ aided qualitative data analysis software) and social semiotics. The results of our analysis highlight two network views on volunteering promoted through videos, a salience of transactional processes in the implementation of volunteering at a European and national level, and a classification of various types of social practices specific to Romania. This study provides an insight into the way in which two different qualitative methods may be combined in order to provide a visual representation and interpretation to a European issue.