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Danubian Economy

Snake Island - History and Current Affairs
Constantin Tanase

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

Unknown Deportation: June 13, 1941 in the Fate of the Ethnic Groups of Southern Bessarabia
Liliya Tsyganenko
Errors as an Indicator of the Students’ Stages in their Target Language Development
Larisa Tkachenko
Developing the Entrepreneurial and Digital Skills by Capitalising Blended Teaching Ict-Methods in Higher Education
Irina Todos, Ana Nedelcu, Ludmila Roșca-Sadurschi, Svetlana Bîrlea
Population of Kosovo during 16th – 17th Centuries
Luan Tetaj

European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

Political Tolerance and Social-Political Culture as the Factors of Formation the Person’s Professionalism and the Students’ Action – The Future European Teacher
Ivan Boychev, Оlga Tsokur