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Danubian Legislation

The Embezzlement. The Pre-existing Elements
Bogdan Bîrzu

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

The Miracle of Poetic Creations
Ludmila Balțatu
Optimizing Education for a Healthy Nation
Oksana Bashtovenko
Cultural Ethnoconcepts and Substantial Ethnocodes of Moldavians in the Interpretation of National Values Vector
Yuliana Babina
Manifestations of Bilingualism in Documentary Communication of Local Communities of the Danube region
Olena Berestetskaya
Ethnocultural Aspects in Professional Training of Future Music Art Teachers
Olena Bukhnieva, Larisa Bankul
Developing the Entrepreneurial and Digital Skills by Capitalising Blended Teaching Ict-Methods in Higher Education
Irina Todos, Ana Nedelcu, Ludmila Roșca-Sadurschi, Svetlana Bîrlea
Blogs and Their Social Influence
Rozalina Bozhilova
Professional Preparation of Masters for the Development of Projects of Corporate Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship in the Field of Education (Foreign Practices)
Olena Bila

European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

Political Tolerance and Social-Political Culture as the Factors of Formation the Person’s Professionalism and the Students’ Action – The Future European Teacher
Ivan Boychev, Оlga Tsokur