Danubius International Conferences, 7th International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives

Comparative Analysis of the Evolution of Business Travel Romania – Bulgaria

Anca Turtureanu, Bogdan Andronic, Florian Nuta
Last modified: 2012-04-09


Comparative Analysis of The Evolution of Business Travel Romania – Bulgaria

Abstract: The authors aim to analyze the evolution of the main tourism indicators in the two neighboring countries Romania and Bulgaria. Current development of tourism is characterized by a profound renewal of the world tourism offer, in particular by developing a range of new tourism products, superior both qualitatively and quantitatively. Romanian tourism revival will involve reshaping the development of tourism products based incentives at national and international tourism. Currently, the Romanian tourism, as otherwise the world is characterized by fierce competition between destinations. Tourist destinations, be they state or country itself, are becoming increasingly need a new model of tourism policy which influence their competitive position in the current competition. A special role in perception destination in the competition of similar offers in the country are playing tourist brand or regional. Tourists and demanding consumers are an important factor for competitive advantage of a destination. Adapt to offer the consumer needs to be spotted new trends and new opportunities to the tourism product. In the spatial extent of tourism development policy, most have a national or regional scope (in that country). Outside Europe, where international cooperation in tourism development is emphasized through the integration of countries within the EU, international cooperation is early, sometimes reduced to statements of intent. The competitive position of a destination depends on the type thereof, namely the socio-economic development, landscape features, climate, culture, political factors etc.. The success of tourist destinations is determined by how it manages to ensure at the same time to ensure visitors throughout its entire offer experience to match or exceed many alternative destinations.

Keywords: tourism, tourist accommodation, travel, competitiveness

Jel Classification: Q56; L 84; L80