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The Sonoluminescent Therapy, a vibrational therapy

Ionel Mohîrță
Last modified: 2018-05-09


Ionel Mohîrță develops the Sonoluminescent Therapy as a set of psychological techniques to rebalance the light energy field , it synergizes it by eliminating traumatic records in this field and removes the traumatic effects of daily stress and deep traumatic memory footprints. This holistic psychotherapy recovers ancient techniques of perennial wisdom for optimizing the soul and spirit by submitting them to scienctific testing, and is a quantum psychotherapy based on the power of intent which helps to raise levels of awareness, cultivating emotional balance, recovery of virtues and achieving peace of mind.

Since recovering virtues equals the recovery of consciousness and the recovery of light coherence is the equivalent of recovering consciousness, this psychotherapy is an aid to psychosocial psychopathological problems. The Quantum Psychodiagnosis of the evolution of the field through the use of devices and levels of consciousness questionnaire presents a psychotherapeutic scientific monitoring of the whole process. Sonoluminescent Psychotherapy is a basic training in psychotherapy because it has a clinical part, a transpersonal part and self developmnet. It uses the latest scientific studies and the most important legacies of traditional methods around the world who have proven their effectiveness for millennia.