Danubius International Conferences, 14th International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives

Translating Pharmaceutical Texts for Non - Specialist Readers

Ana Maria Chitac
Last modified: 2019-04-02


Abstract: The present paper intends  to approach the pharmaceutical text as a genre of medical discourse, focusing especially on the translation of Patient Information Leaflets (PILs).The aim of this paper is to investigate the translation  issues raised by these texts and to offer some translation strategies in order to facilitate their understanding by the non – specialist readers. One of the novelty elements of this article consists in an interdisciplinary approach of the pharmaceutical texts and their analysis from different perspectives: of translation studies, of linguistics, of pragmatics and of cultural studies. The translation of pharmaceutical texts represents a difficult process, due to the complexity of the language that encloses terms from all the medicine fields, as well as the necessity to respect the specific terminology and to integrate the translation in a certain text typology. The attempt of finding the optimum translation strategies  in order to facilitate the understanding  of these texts by the lay - receiver represents another new element of this approach, given that, there are not many studies in the field literature that focus on this topic.