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Ibn Battuta - Enchanting Journeys and Storytelling

Alina Beatrice Chesca
Last modified: 2019-04-02


Among the world travelers, Ibn Battuta – a Moroccan explorer, scholar, storyteller, geographer, cartographer, qadi (judge) – has definitely a unique place, being one of the greatest of all times.

Due to his 30-year journeys in the most exotic countries of the 14th century (corresponding to 44 modern countries), he offered humanity a memorable book, “Rihla” (Journey), which may be considered a very comprehensive imagological approach on so many societies of those times. The equivalent territories of the present Algiers, Tunis, Egipt, Somalia, Tanzania, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Irak, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, Mali, Mauritania, China, Cambodia, Indonesia were described in a vivid manner, giving captivating details about politics, religion, history, geography, architecture, morals, justice, customs, clothing and others.

Ibn Battuta will always be an inspiration for both travelers and travel writers, especially as this Muslim pilgrim is the author of the famous words: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.”