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Danubian Economy and Legislation

Work Values in the Danube Region: Comparative study of 6 Countries
Hristina Sokolova
Revocation of the Donation in the Legislation of the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation
Victoria Scripnic
The Theory-Normative Aspects on the Administrative Responsibility in the Republic of Moldova
Natalia Saitarlî

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

The Danube Region as a Zone of Risky Agriculture
Dmitry Parmakli, Larysa Soroka
Naming of Orthodox Churches and Monasteries of the Lower Danube Region in the English Cross-Cultural Communication
Tetyana Shyliaeva
The Tragedy of Famine of 1946-1947 in Bessarabia in the Artistic Project “The Hunger” by Yona Tukuser
Tatiana Shevchuk
Particularities of the Way of Life Calendar-Ritual Folklore of Bulgarians of Bessarabia
Alla Sokolova
Peculiarities of Grammatical Categories of French Proverbs and their Functioning in Danube Region’s Speech
Lyudmila Starodedova
Axionomens Knowledge, Religion and Time as World Outlook Values of Polyethnic Europe
Tetyana Soroka
"This Deserted Country ...": on the Poem of Alexander Pushkin. «To Baratynsky. From Basarabia»
Tatyana Savoskina
The Problem of the Peasants of the Southern Regions of Ukraine – Survive (1946-1947 years)
Ivan Pastyr, Yulia Sych
Paradigm of Intermedial Images in the Artistic Work
Olha Shykyrynska