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Danubian Legislation

Institution of Adoption - Regulations under National Criminal Law and European Rules, their Contribution to Respect for the Rights of the Adopted Child
Carmen Ion, Alexandra Novac-Leca, Lenuta Giurgea
Family Abuse and the Consequences on the Child
Lenuta Giurgea, Carmen Ion
Political and Legal Aspects regarding Romania's Participation in the Second World
Stefan Gheorghe
Romania in International Relations 1944-1947 The Rule of Law versus the State of Affairs
Stefan Gheorghe

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

The Apostolate of Sadoveanu, a Form of Literary Leisure
Elena Golovanova
NGOs and their Impact on the Preservation of Peace and Security in International Relations
Stefan Gheorghe, Filofteia Repez
Attachment Disorders in Adopted Children
Carmen Ion, Lenuta Giurgea