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Danubian Economy and Legislation

Natural Protected Areas of Danube
Constantin Tanase
The Economic Quantification of The Ecologic Services of Forest Ecosystem
Anca Turtureanu, Codruta Mihaela Dobrescu, Leonard Magdalin Dorobat
The Conservation of Romania’s Biodiversity, A Fundamental Condition for the Sustainable Economic Development
Anca Turtureanu, Leonard Magdalin Dorobat, Codruta Mihaela Dobrescu

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

Aspects of the Activities of the Russian Command in the Lower Danube during the First World War
Ivan Tatarinov
Socio-Economic Development of the Bulgarian Settlement of the Ukrainian Danube Region
Vyacheslav Todorov
The Influence of Social Attitudes on the Process of Adaptation of Senior Pupils and Parents in the Family (Based on Regional Research)
Raisa Tereshchuk, Lyudmila Donoga
Bulgarian Ethnogeographic Systems of the Ukrainian Danube and Bulgaria: a Comparative Analysis
Vyacheslav Todorov, Alexander Topchiev
German Prison-of-War Camp No 38 (the town of Reni, 1944 – 1945)
Liliya Tsyganenko

European Construction between Desideratum and Realities

Formation of the Concept of Development of ATU of Border Territories (Bulgaria - Ukraine - Moldova)
Vyacheslav Todorov, Victoriya Yavorskaya, Victor Khomutov