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Danubian Economy

Cost-effective solution for irrigation based on IoT technology
Bosoc Sabina Cristina Sabina, Ioana Esanu, Oana Orza, Madalin Silion, Cristina Balaceanu, George Suciu
Unpleasant odour detection system in smart toilets
Roxana Roscaneanu, Robert Alexandru Streche, Filip Emanuel Osiac, Cristina Mihaela Balaceanu, George Suciu

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

Financial Policy of the Russian Occupation Regime in Galicia and Bukovina During the First World War: Modern Scientific Discourse
Liliya Tsyganenko, Svitlana Orlyk
Finds of Coins of the Pontic State of the Mithridates Eupator on the Territory of the Northern and North-Eastern Part of Ukraine
Vasyl Orlyk