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Danubian Economy and Legislation

The European Union Strategy on Maritime Safety and the Environment
Radu Stancu
The Administrative Code of the Republic of Moldova: Expectations and Reality
Natalia Saitarlî

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

The Involvement of Students in Ukrainian Podunavija`s National Traditions by the Means of Folk Choreography
Zhanna Sirotkina, Dina Sarvilova, Lyudmila Chebotar, Natalia Maslennikova
Border on the Danube River in 1940: Ukraine’s Cession and Its Consequences
Ruslan Șevcenco
Bugeac Artists in Unity and Variety of Their Creative Manners
Tetyana Shevchuk, Elena Kolmykova, Alexander Kara
Formation of Socio-Cultural Competence of the Future Teachers of Foreign Languages
Olena Sali
Problems of Poetic Translation in European Translation Studies
Lyudmila Starodedova
Defining Linguistic Pragmatics in European Scientific Investigations
Tetyana Soroka
The Image of the Danube Bird “Zеgzitsa” in English Translations of the “The Tale of Igor's Campaign”
Olha Shykyrynska
Wedding Rituals of the Ukrainian Danube Region Moldavians: Traditional Structure and Processes of Contamination
Alla Sokolova
NGOs of Bessarabian Bulgarians and their Activities in Social-Cultural Sphere
Tetyana Shevchuk
Use of Metaphors in Tourist Discourse of Danube Region
Tetyana Shyliaeva
Phonetic Assimilation and Adaptation of French Borrowings in the Language of the Gagauz People Living in the Low Danube Region
Valentyna Shevchuk