Danubius International Conferences, 1st edition of the Annual Postgraduate Students' International Scientific Conference

Procesul penal în cazul infracţiunilor de insultă şi calomnie în Albania

Prence Mirgen
Last modified: 2012-01-12


Abstract: Article analyzes the prior complaint in case of insult and calumny. Its importance lies in the fact that the beginning of criminal proceedings at the prior complaint depending on the particular interests of the injured party. This study aims to contribute to earlier studies dedicated to the prior complaint. This paper is based on the author’s research about the prior complaint as part of the Ph.D thesis. In order to achive better results the analasis is based on the following methods: observation, comparison, case-law. The study may be of special interest to the members of the judiciary, researchers and academics because of prior complaint analysis. Its main contribution lies in “de lege ferenda” proposals which should, in our opinion, to be reflected in Criminal Procedure Cod of Albania.

Keywords: injured party, criminal law, prior complaint. 


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