Danubius International Conferences, 1st edition of the Annual Postgraduate Students' International Scientific Conference

The cross-border cooperation in the context of the adhesion of Romania to the Treaty of Prum

Balan Rusu Minodora Ioana
Last modified: 2012-01-12


The research aims at the critical examination of the provisions of the Treaty of Prüm, and also the proposition of adopting some new provisions which should contribute to perfect the legislation in domain and to intensify the judicial and police cooperation in domain.

            The work is a continuity of the research about some anterior themes regarding judicial cooperation in criminal domain in the European Union.

            The conclusions and results of this research highlight the utility of the European normative act in this domain, and also the necessity of completing it with new provisions which should enlarge the competence of the officers of another state on the territory of the host-state regarding some united actions of prevention and combating of cross-border criminality and especially terrorism,

            This work can be useful not only for the theoreticians and practitioners, but also for all the people who wish to improve their knowledge in this extremely complex domain.

            The main contribution of this study refers to the critical examination and the completion and modifying propositions of the European and also internal legislation in this domain.