Danubius International Conferences, 1st edition of the Annual Postgraduate Students' International Scientific Conference

Romanian SME-s after integration in European Union

Tataru Diana
Last modified: 2012-01-12


% of SME-s, just 9,18% of SME-s consider it like a major threatening. Romanian integration in European Union gave us much benefits and big responsibilities for all participants to this complex and long action, which is integration. The influence of integration in EU for SME-s was manifested in some special directions like: human resource, quality and competitiveness, ethics in business.

Small and medium enterprises are a source of anteprenoriale skills, innovation and creating jobs in Europe of the 27 EU countries representing 99% of all existing enterprises and ensures 75milioane jobs. It had no effect or beneficial legislation this EU for Romania? For an affirmative answer we have analysis of the SME sector in Romania, before and after the accession of our country to European Union.


Analiza sectorului IMM