Danubius International Conferences, 1st edition of the Annual Postgraduate Students' International Scientific Conference

Trade and Tourism Glossary

Simona Vlad
Last modified: 2012-01-13



Abstract: A glossary is an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge. This is a bilingual glossary – English-Romanian, Romanian-English – that is useful and interesting for everyone interested in trade and tourism but also for students, teachers and translators. The glossary is divided in two chapters, which includes a theoretical part and a practical application – the glossary.

This Glossary provides a definition and a Romanian correspondent of terms commonly used in trade and tourism. The Financial world has developed a special investment based language to help describe the stock market, investments, securities for the stock market, stock market analysis, and its conditions. Often at times one is confronted with a term which is totally alien to them, or has a completely different meaning from what one thought. Misunderstanding these terms can sometimes lead to the wrong conclusion, and that can cost you money!