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Danubian Economy

Potential and Opportunities for Agro-Cluster Development in the Danube Region: Ukrainian Vision
Yaroslav Kichuk, Oleg Rubel, Alina Zhihareva

Local Communities – Diachrony and Synchrony

The history of Bessarabia in the French-Language Texts of the Swiss Colonists
Olga Kudinova
The Markers of Successful Language Politics in the Polylingual Territory between the Dniester and the Danube Rivers
Andrij Kolesnykov
The Potential Risks for the Ecological and Social Security in the Danube Region and their Overcoming in the Context of the New European Agenda
Krasimir Koev, Ana Popova
Psychological Support for the Development of Ecological Etiquette of Ukrainian Students: European Integration Role of the Danube River
Antonina Kichuk
Vocational Training of Diplomats as a Pedagogical Problem
Nadiia Kichuk
University Leadership in Cross-Border Cooperation: Traditions and Innovations in the Lower Danube Euroregion
Yaroslav Kichuk