Danubius International Conferences, International Conference Circular Economy: Opportunities and Challenges 2022

Education for climate change resilience and "green" behavior

Florian Nuta, Olivier Joseph Abban, Alex Boadi Dankyi
Last modified: 2022-11-17


Educating the future generation will ensure the proper mitigation of the environmental issues that put pressure on us today. Practically, the sustainable development principle of having intergenerational equity should also include education and learning from past mistakes. As we are learning to quit the old paradigm of growth economics and trying to cope with the new one of green economics, education should adapt itself. Education should prove itself resilient and able to prepare future resilient and responsible citizens. As the things are moving forward, even the way we understand environmental protection is changing. The switch from passive reparatory actions to active and preventive actions is a new way of curbing our environmental footprint. The new green behavior is no longer related to repairing the damage but to preventing the damage and shaping a green path. Thus, education in general and economic education, in particular, is related to action and policy implications more than describing past events and interpreting the future based on the past.