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Circular Business Models

The Building Sector in India: Opportunities and Challenges for the Promotion of the Circular Economy
Mohammad Haseeb, Emran Hossain
Role of Green Intellectual Capital in Improving Corporate Environmental Performance: Does Green Innovation Matter?
Abu Bakkar Siddik, Li Yong, Alina Cristina Nuta

Sustainable Finance in Circular Economy

Rural development evaluation measures
Silvia Mazăre

ICT in Circular Economy

Assessing the Impact of ICT Development on the Economic and Social Welfare of Asian Economies: The Moderating Role of Corruption Control
Muhammad Abdul Kamal

Processes and Technologies

The Mainstream of the Technology Industry Model as Workforce Sustainability - Transformational Leadership and Creativity
Ioana Gutu, Florentin Emil Tanasa
Analysis of the Factors Determining the Failure of Tourism Projects
Elena Bulat
Ports and Synchro - Modality - Challenges and Opportunities
Andra Luciana Marcu, Carmen Gabriela Sirbu, Alina Beatrice Raileanu, Eugen Victor Cristian Rusu
Instruments and Policies for Transition to Circular Economy - The WEEE Case
Andreea Constantinescu, Simona Frone
The Nexus between Informality and Environmental Quality
Alina Nuta, Pradeep Mishra, Naveed Hussain Shah, Muhammad Usman, Irfan Ullah
Analyzing the Factors of Single-use Plastic Avoidance Behavior in Developing Countries: An Evidence from Pakistan
Sharafat Ali, Waqas Ahmed, Alina Cristina Nuta

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

China’s Outward FDI and Environmental Sustainability in Belt & Road Countries: Does the Quality of Institutions Matter?
Muhammad Abdul Kamal, Assad Ullah, Fiza Qureshi, Jiajia Zheng, Manzoor Ahmad
Quantile regression analysis of the quadratic relations between CO2 emissions, renewable energy and economic growth –the case of Asian-five countries
Saleem Khan, Noor Jehan, Abdur Rauf, Faheem Nawaz
The impact of financial development and green innovation on environmental degradation
Muhammad Usman, Daniel Balsalobre Lorente, Alina Cristina Nuta
Novel Research Methods for Energy Use, Carbon Emissions, and Economic Growth: Evidence from the BRICS
Muhammad Imran
Linking energy poverty and solar energy in Pakistan: A way forward towards sustainable future
Muhammad Irfan, Asif Razzaq, Usama Awan, Mohammed Khurrum Shahzad Bhutta

Education in Circular Economy

Education for climate change resilience and "green" behavior
Florian Nuta, Olivier Joseph Abban, Alex Boadi Dankyi