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The Benefits of Decentralized Application in Aviation Industry – Blockchain Technology-based Solutions

Alexandru Gabriel Andrei
Last modified: 2022-02-04


Even though the pandemic situation has slowed down the aviation industry it is experiencing a rapid growth in terms of complexity and entities involved at a global scale. The process of modernizing aircraft and digitizing the logistics involves a massive amount of data, also called Big Data. These reasons motivate us to create a possible data workflow for a decentralized application with the help of Blockchain technology. The purpose is to highlight the Blockchain technology benefits and present it in a real-case scenario. This technology could have a major impact in the foreseeable future in every industry where the need of trust and authenticity is necessary.

In aviation industry, there are two important fields where the need of trust and transparency is crucial, and these are maintenance traceability and supply chain.

Blockchain technology as part of a decentralized system can bring more transparency in an industry where failure is not accepted. Aviation authorities, customers, stakeholders will have a reliable digital tool to check compliance with applicable directives and requirements.