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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Composites in Sustainable Development
Anamaria-Nadie Emin (Leonte)
Composites Approached through Artificial Intelligence - Economic and Financial Impact
Anamaria-Nadie Emin (Leonte)
Analysis of the Use of Ventilated and Non-Ventilated Brake Discs using the Arduino Uno R3 Module
Valentin-Tiberiu Amortila, Elena Mereuta, George Balasoiu, Costel Humelnicu, Mihai Gingarasu
CFD Practices and Typical Configurations for the Shipbuilding Industry
Ana-Maria Chiroșcă, Liliana Rusu
State of Art Regarding Study Methods for Reciprocally Enwrapping Surfaces
Georgiana-Alexandra Moroșanu, Virgil-Gabriel Teodor, Nicolae Oancea
Graphical Modeling of a Clamping Device to a Lifting Machine Type
Georgiana-Alexandra Moroșanu, Sorin Atanasiu, Nicușor Baroiu
Molecularly Imprinted Polymers based Electrochemical Sensor for Quantification of Amino Acids
Ancuta Dinu (Iacob), Constantin Apetrei
Enzymes Involved in the Development of Electrochemical Biosensors for Amino Acid Detection: Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Tryptophan
Ancuta Dinu (Iacob), Constantin Apetrei
Corrosion Behavior of Co Based Alloys
Laurentiu Dragus
Study on the Mechanical Stress Behavior of a Prosthetic Restoration of Integral Ceramics
Laurentiu Dragus
Long-Term Determination of Marine Wave Parameters Variability in Constanţa Port Area
Elena Vlasceanu, Eugen Rusu, Razvan Mateescu
Tensioning Systems for Mechanical Belt Drives
Daniela Voicu, Radu Vilău, Ramona-Monica Stoica
Damping Ratio of Irregular Movement within Mechanical Transmissions Due to Flexible Spring Couplings
Daniela Voicu, Radu Vilău, Ramona-Monica Stoica
An Economical Solution with Therapeutic Properties during Menopause
Anna Busuioc (Cazanevscaia)
The Role of Oxytocin and Vasopressin Neuropeptides in Social Interactions and Psychogenic Disorders
Diana-Andreea Ciortea
Two Years into Covid-19 Pandemic: Its Impact upon Pediatric Arterial Hypertension
Miruna-Patricia Dragostin
Esophageal Inflammatory Lesions – Predictive Factor in the Developing of Malignant Esophageal Tumours
Ana Fulga
Effects of Various NACA 1410 Airfoil Section Outward and Inward Protrusion Positions at Various Angles of Attack
Raluca Balasa
Utilization of a Microfluidic Platform to Synthesizes Nanoparticles
Alexandra Cătălina Bîrcă
Synthesis and Characterization of Strontium-Substituted Hydroxyapatite Obtained through Aqueous Precipitation Method
Cosmin Iulian Codrea
Nano-Hydroxyapatite from Biogenic Calcium Source: Hidrothermal Microwave Assisted vs. Classical Maturation?
Cristina Rodica Dumitrescu
On the Behavior of a Flax Fiber-Epoxy Resin Composite Subjected to Mecanical Loads
Constantin Stochioiu
Renewable Hydrogen - Can Be the Key to the Transition to Green Energy
Florentina Chitu
Romania - Integrated Part in the Energy Transition Process at European Level
Florentina Chitu
Approaches To Health Efficiency Across The European Space Through The Lens Of The Health Budget Effort
Romeo Victor Ionescu, Valentin Marian Antohi, Monica Laura Zlati, Cristian Mirica, Nicoleta Cristache
Realities and Perspectives of European Maritime Trade
Romeo Bosneagu, Carmen Elena Coca
Current Trends in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
Luminita Iosif
Europe in the power equation of global containerised maritime trade
Romeo Bosneagu, Carmen Elena Coca
Europan Commision s Social Policies and Development of Social Entrepreneurship
Felicia Cordoneanu
Social Enterprises’ Impact on Older People’s Social Inclusion
Luminita Iosif, Felicia Cordoneanu
Internal Audit - Management Protection or a Simple Formality
Nicoleta Ardeleanu (Trifu)

Industrial Entrepreneurship

Visual Perception Analysis Using The Kinect Sensor
Valentin-Tiberiu Amortila, Elena Mereuta, George Balasoiu, Monica Novetschi
Climate and Economical Study on The North Sea Area
Ana-Maria Chiroșcă, Liliana Rusu
Aspects Regarding the Land-Sea Interaction in the Context of Maritime Spatial Planning in Romania
Elena Vlasceanu, Eugen Rusu, Razvan Mateescu
The Benefits of Decentralized Application in Aviation Industry – Blockchain Technology-based Solutions
Alexandru Gabriel Andrei

Entrepreneurship and the Rule of Law

Legislative aspects regarding the regulation of work at home (teleworking in the university environment), new challenges
Carmen Ion, Lenuta Giurgea
Fraudulent Issuance of Money in Romanian Law
Ion Rusu
Counterfeiting Foreign Values
Minodora-Ioana Rusu
Today's Student and the Entrepreneurial Culture
Mirela Costache
Different Interpretations Given by Case Law on the Procedural Exceptions that can be Raised in the Procedure before the Wealth Investigation Committee
Sandra Gradinaru
Between freedom of expression and the right to privacy
Nelu Gheorghita
Criminal Protection of the Sexual Freedom of Minors. Analysis of the Main Internal Amendments in the Romanian Criminal Code
Ana Alina Ionescu Dumitrache
Practical Solutions Regarding the Digitalization of Justice
Lenuta Giurgea, Ion Carmen
Administrative-Territorial Units from the Perspective of the Administrative Code
Vasilica Negruț
Counterfeiting Official Instruments
Bogdan Bîrzu
Paternity - Aspects with Implications in the Matter of Probation of Filiation
Gabriela Lupsan

Entrepreneurial Economics

The Importance of Price Stability
Gina Ioan
Valences and Informational Limits of the Financial Statements Prepared by Romanian Smes in the New Resilient Context
Georgiana – Janina Soare, Marilena Zuca, Victor Munteanu, Magdalena Danescu, Alice Tinta, Adriana Paduraru (Horaicu)
An Econometric Analysis of the General Index of Competitiveness in Central and Eastern European Countries
Rodica Pripoaie
An Assessment of Efficiency in Attracting European Funds in order to Increase Competitiveness in Entrepreneurship
Rodica Pripoaie
An Overview of the Sustainable Development of the Rural Tourism Destination
Anca Turtureanu, Carmen Mihaela Cretu, Carmen Gabriela Sirbu
Determination of unconditional extremes of the functions of fundamental symmetric polynomials
Catalin Angelo Ioan