Danubius International Conferences, International Conference on Contemporary Scientific and Technological Aspects towards an Entrepreneurial Approach

Today's Student and the Entrepreneurial Culture

Mirela Costache
Last modified: 2022-02-24


A new legislative initiative with a relevant impact in the field of education focuses on the "entrepreneurialstudent." Appreciating that terms such as entrepreneurship and entrepreneur have long been assimilatedby the economic and business environment in our country, the orientation of an entrepreneurial culturethat has the student eager to assert and develop in his career, can only be welcome. The text of law isintended to transpose into European law the European rules on entrepreneurship in education and trainingin higher education. The establishment and operation of a student entrepreneurial society (SAS) will bebased on the development and encouragement of entrepreneurship in the university environment,especially among students and graduates of higher education, on the principle of the right to assistanceand complementary services. As a way of setting up, SAS will be a structure without legal personality,having its own organization and functioning regulations, led by an executive council, approved by theuniversity senate, which must include both teaching staff from the university, tutors, but also localbusinessmen and students. We will conclude that today's students are natively exposed to such a type ofentrepreneurial thinking with effects on the society as a whole.