Danubius International Conferences, International Conference on Contemporary Scientific and Technological Aspects towards an Entrepreneurial Approach

Realities and Perspectives of European Maritime Trade

Romeo Bosneagu, Carmen Elena Coca
Last modified: 2022-02-24


European maritime trade continues to be largely driven by the evolution of the European and world economy and trade. Although the relationship between economic output and trade in goods appears to be changing, with a marked decline in trade in the total value of Gross Domestic Product in recent years, the demand for maritime transport services remains dependent on the performance of the world economy. While industrial activity, economic production, the quantity of goods, trade and maritime trade may increase at different rates, these variables nevertheless remain positively correlated. Today, in the conditions of interdependence and globalization, the seaborne trade, with efficiency and profitability, is the engine of economic development and prosperity. The European market for the transport of general goods is determined by the need for such goods worldwide, by the world economy, by the demographic situation, by industrialization and most importantly by the surplus and deficit of industrialized goods.