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Bessarabian Danube Motifs in the Lyrics of the Land

Liudmyla Reva-Lievshakova
Last modified: 2016-05-23


Danube poetic circle edge includes many names creative people of all ages. They are more or less known as Bessarabia. The history of poetry edge associated with the activities of the Association of Writers of Bessarabia «Budjak» which is pidstrukturnym union the National Union of Writers of Ukraine. Members of this association is Ismail authors: V. Reva B., O. Kartelyan, L. Oliynyk, T. Kibkalo, A. Gurieva, N. Parshyhina et al. These authors are members Izmail literary association named after M. Vasilyuk. By Ismail litob'yednannya creative individuals drawn from Bolgrad, Reni, Kiliya, Vylkove, Saratov, Tarutino, Tatarbunary – almost the entire south of Odessa region. In lyric poets of Bessarabia, in addition to general themes of signs of life, sense, philosophy is the theme of his native land, which borders the Danube is geographically defined. In verses Danube notable poets motifs steppe landscapes, river horizon, lush greenery on the banks of freshwater – that living, bright, colorful, causing a certain emotional state that is displayed in the lyrical lines. Each of the authors of the style and manner, his subtle strings of verbal and sensory impact on the reader, your experience and related experience. Song Bessarabia grounds cover a huge color landscape beauty and related areas of geographical names (Budjak, Steppe of Budzhatsk), lakes (Katlabuh, Yalpug, Kugurluy), names of settlements (Dolukioy), historical names Danube city of Izmail (Smil, Tuchkov). They are widely used artistic palette of each of Danube poets znakuyuchy native land and its nature, conveying deep patriotic feelings. These names as symbols of «small» country characterized by an individual, a kind of complex sensory images and associations.