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Pozition Of Russian Words In The Language Of Romanophones Of Ukrainian Danube Region

Polina Kiseolar
Last modified: 2016-05-23


In Odessa region the majority of Moldavian population doesn’t know the literary Rumanian language and speaks the language which can only by stretching a point be considered substandard. In general, the dialectal speech prevails here, and the possibility of Russian and Ukrainian interference is great.

On the grounds of the given research, it should be admitted that in the south of Odessa region the socio-linguistic situation is very complicated. From the one hand, it is due to the fact that the Ukrainian language hasn’t yet become firmly established , from the other hand, this difficulty exists because the problem of the languages of national minorities, and, in particular, the problem of the Rumanian language, remains unsolved. This leads to vagueness, however, we expect the assimilation of the Rumanian language, spoken by the population which lives for centuries in the south of Odessa region.