Danubius International Conferences, 6th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Danube Strategic Value. European Identity and Wealth

Pruna Cristian
Last modified: 2016-05-23


The defining marks of the paper consider the creation of  some scientific premises through structuring the elements that characterise the evolution of Danube’s judicial system in the modern and contemporary times, from the perspective of the politics initially adopted by the riverside states, and respectively the strategies implemented at the level of the community corpus.

The suggested approach has the purpose of organising the elements that define Danube as the axis of the European identity. In the effort of organising such a scientific background, we have tried to set clear, concise delimitations, through the research method – the study and analysis of inter-conditioning between the objectives of the riverside states, the nationally adopted strategie and their merging in the community context. Thus, we have disclosed Danube’s strategic role in the current and prospective development of the relationships within the community corpus.