Danubius International Conferences, 6th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Black Sea Synergy: Review Of A Regional Cooperation Initiative

Nicoleta Suruceanu
Last modified: 2016-06-23


The objective of this paper is to offer a   review   of   the   Black   Sea Synergy regional cooperation initiative and on highlighs  a  number of "lessons  learnt"  which  will  inform  the future  development of  the  Synergy. The Black Sea Synergy Initiative aims to focus political attention at the regional level and invigorate ongoing cooperation processes. In so doing it takes account of the range of EU policies and programmes applicable to the EU's differentiated relations with the countries of the region.  Its primary objective is to further cooperation within the Black Sea region and between the region as a whole and the EU.  The Synergy   is   intended   as   a   flexible   framework   that   will   ensure   greater   coherence   and   policy guidance.   It  envisages   a   bottom-up   project   development   approach   aimed   at   building   on concrete   deliverables   in   the   environment,  maritime  affairs,  fisheries,  maritime  transport, energy, education, civil society, cross border cooperation and research fiel.