Danubius International Conferences, 7th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Study and Analysis on the Instability of Galati Town at Danube Cliff Area

Stefan Dragomir, Georgeta Dragomir
Last modified: 2017-06-05


The problem related to the instability of the Danube cliff in Galati town, must be considered in the context of the Region of Danube Delta, which is an ecosystem linked and interdependent with a flora and fauna rich and unique. The region has a great biodiversity, different soil with low instability. The health of the soil of the cliff is influenced by the human interference as regards the configuration, the structure and the composition of the soil. Should be taken into consideration and the erosion of the cloff land along the Danube with the effective measures to stop this phenomenon.  We must taking into account the development of the potential of these areas in the domains such as tourism, construction and transport.