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Trafficking in Migrants in Romanian Law

Ion Rusu
Last modified: 2017-06-05


In the present paper we have investigated the offense of trafficking in migrants, a crime under Title III (Offenses concerning the authority and state border) Chapter II (State border offenses).

During the examination we have had in mind the identification of the similarities and differences between the two incriminations, namely the act provided by the previous law and the act stipulated in the Criminal Code in force.

We have also insisted on examining the pre-existing elements, constitutive contents, as well as the forms and normative forms of committing the offense. The paper is a section of a complex paper to be published in the near future. The novelty is represented by the examination carried out in the context of the new law, as well as some formulated opinions.

Considering the way it was conceived, the work may be useful to the university environment as well as to practitioners in the field of criminal law.