Danubius International Conferences, 8th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Angela Baciu and the Danube Poetry

Alina Beatrice Chesca
Last modified: 2018-06-07


Angela Baciu, poetess of our times, journalist and highly appreciated cultural promoter in Galati and in the whole the country, brings the Danube and the Danubian towns into her poetry, using the river as a twin soul, which carries with it the nostalgia, the stories, pains and love of the poetess.    The volumes “Since Tomorrow until Yesterday, the Day Before Yesterday” and “Camberi Hotel” are representative of her evolution and poetical path; she starts from a sensitive and romantic integration of the Danube and the Danubian towns of her life, Brăila and Galaţi, into her intense feelings, full of true life, and finally reaches the cemetery in Sulina, the place that houses people and fascinating stories from another world.      Angela Baciu's poetry represent a diary of her soul and life, as well as of the Danubian towns. The woman from the Danube tells her poetic biography using both the objective time, a present that urges her to philosophy, and the time of memory, which takes her back either to a lost happiness, or to people from another age whom she has never met and who fascinate her with the scent and mystery of their lives.       Angela Baciu is a true poetess of the Danube, a voice that brings her readers the beauty of life and poetry lived in dichotomic tendencies, between happiness and pain, love and loneliness, strength and vulnerability, romance and avant-garde.