Danubius International Conferences, 8th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Examining the Strategic Framework of Romania’s Educational Infrastructure from the Perspective of European Integration

Gabriela Marchis
Last modified: 2018-06-18


The process of European integration, through its dynamics and complexity, proves to be a great challenge for Romania on the whole, and the education system is the central point in reconfiguring the socio-economic and political evolution of the Romanian state. For almost three decades, the education system in Romania has undergone numerous transformations and redefines, but nowadays, more than a decade after joining the European Union, we find that these reforms in education have not had a positive impact, and on the contrary, we are on the last places in different rankings regarding the competences of the graduates in different fields (PISA studies), and on the top places, if we look at the educational system from the perspective of statistical indicators such as: the early leaving rate of the education and training system; employment rate; etc.. This paper follows the strategies underlying the evolution of the education system in Romania in connection with the development strategies and policies in the field agreed and assumed at EU level. This research-paper addresses mainly policy decision makers in the education system, but also other stakeholders relevant to the education system.