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Agrobiological Basis of Alfalfa Growing for Forage and Seeds in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine

Stanislav Goloborodko
Last modified: 2019-06-17


The article deals with the agrobiological bases of alfalfa growing for  forage and seeds in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine. The author proves, that the further expansion of alfalfa crops in Ukraine is possible only by improving the system of varietal seed production, as well as the development and implementation into agriculture the energy-saving technologies of cultivating culture. The most favorable conditions for the cultivation of alfalfa for seeds in Ukraine are in the subzone of the Southern and Northern steppes. The main direction to increase the production of alfalfa seeds is the raise of seed productivity on the basis of development and introduction of energy saving technologies for growing domestic breeding varieties in the main regions that grow alfalfa. Other ways to achieve the goal are related to the improvement of the material and technical basis of seed production and the improvement of its organization at the state and regional levels.