Danubius International Conferences, 12th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

False Offenses Committed in Connection with the Authority of a Foreign State

Minodora-Ioana Rusu
Last modified: 2022-06-14


In this paper we have tried to draw attention to the offenses provided for in Chapter III of Title VI of the Romanian Criminal Code, in the event that they were committed in connection with the authority of a foreign state.

In this context, we have taken into account in particular the objective and subjective side of the offenses in question, as well as the power to prosecute and try in the first instance.

The novelty elements are represented precisely by the depth of the examination carried out in the light of the new provisions provided in the Criminal Code.

The paper is part of a university course to be published by a recognized publishing house in the field in the country.

Given the depth of the examination, it may be useful to law school students in the country and the European Union, as well as to legal practitioners.