Danubius International Conferences, 12th International Conference The Danube - Axis of European Identity

Concerning the Issue of Localization of Pereyaslavets on the Danube River as the Capital of Rus during the Reign of Prince Svyatoslav the Glorious I

Sergiy Petkov
Last modified: 2022-06-27


In the article, the author analyzes the main stages of the development of some state formations on the Danube river. In particular, it actualizes the issue of the localization of Pereyaslavets on the Danube river as the Rus during the reign of Prince Svyatoslav the Glorious I. The author makesb a research and gives the answers to the questions: Were there cities in the history of Rus that competed with Kiev for the dominant position? Why and where did Sviatoslav I move the capital from Kyiv?

Hower, in addition to the historical research, the author adds the philosophical idea to the given issue. Studying ancient history, the attention should be focused not oney on the seizure of the territories of neighboring states, but also on the interaction of dynasties, peoples, cultures, the formation of civilization. The article highlights that the past, present and future events are not a straight line on a white sheet of paper, but a various multifaceted pattern that changes every other day. The past events not only affect the change in the ideological preferences of the current political leaders, but also really forms our present and future lives.