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The Rights and Obligations of Local Elected Person from Republic of Moldova

Natalia Saitarlî
Last modified: 2013-05-09


In the process of mandate exercising the local councilors, mayors and deputy mayors, chairmen and deputy chairmen of the districts are in local community service. As holder of public power entrusted by the community that elected them, they are obliged to respect the Constitution and laws, to protected interests of those communities, respecting the national interest, to support voters in solving problems, to worry about the prosperity of the community they belong to and which has assured the mandate to them. The purpose of this article is the analysis of the normative acts regulating the status of local elected persons, including his rights and obligations, to clarify and resolve some unclear cases related to this area. Because the accurate determination of these rights and obligations for local elected person depends the efficient activity of his in particularly and the good governance of local government in general.