Danubius International Conferences, Digital Challenge Scientific Session 2023

"Digital Profile" - a tool in predicting and improving mental health?

Daniela Litan
Last modified: 2023-10-31


In a constantly digitalizing world (AI - Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, IoT - Internet of Things, blockchain, etc.), it seems that the "authentic" individual got "lost" somewhere between the perfection and the "glitter" of social networks, work "at a distance" (remote work) and loneliness felt despite virtual hyper-connectivity (with other people).

Today, we live in overpopulated metropolises with utilities that our ancestors could not even imagine them, we experience the feeling of freedom through technology and thanks to technology, we can fulfill our dreams (see virtual reality, for example) but we are more unhappy than anytime (according to statistics, in both the European Union and the US, the more time people spend online, the more unhappy and suicidal they are).

In this sense, considering mental health, I propose in this presentation, the debate - as a starting point, of the ways from a technical point of view, through which information can be collected regarding the creation of a digital psychological profile based on the elements: the time spent in the online environment (per day, per week, etc.), the type of applications accessed, the content of comments posted in the online environment, etc. and the processing of this information in order to create a digital profile of the individual. Later, based on this profile, on the one hand, it will be possible to anticipate the affecting of the individual in terms of mental health over time (cases that, over time, can become pathological), and on the other hand, it will be possible to establish the strategies to be followed related to the preventing a possible illness as well as improving mental health in already pathological cases.