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Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Security

Education awareness in cybersecurity: challenges, perspectives and solutions
Postolache Florin

Challenges and Perspectives for Education in the Digital Era

Coming back to reading to re-discover the science
Steps in the process of teaching and learning in the digital era. Case study: Didactics of history
Stanciu Lidia
The imperatives of education in higher education in the era of deglobalization
Filip Stanciu


Modern bioinformatics and the connection with medicine
Beteringhe Adrian

Contemporary Digital Development (E-government, virtual globalization (Management, Economics, Law)), Contemporary Humani

"Digital Profile" - a tool in predicting and improving mental health?
Daniela Litan
The Role of Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Business: Benefits, Uses and Associated Risks
Pohrib Silvia-Daniela, Boscoianu Mircea

The Impact of Digitization and AI in the Aerospace Field

Artificial Intelligence: A Journey into the World of Intelligent Computing
Robert Adrian Ureche
Cyber ​​Security: Protecting the Digital World
Andreea Manuela Ureche