Danubius International Conferences, Digital Challenge Scientific Session 2023

Steps in the process of teaching and learning in the digital era. Case study: Didactics of history

Stanciu Lidia
Last modified: 2023-10-18


The computerization process of the Romanian education system facilitates the opening of new perspectives on the educational process in general and the teaching-learning process, in particular. The research activity in the field of educational sciences must have - in our opinion - as essential objectives the development of new, clear, concise foundations, in order to stimulate pedagogical innovation and its introduction in the teaching of specialties. As a result, the didactics of the specialty, a sub-branch of the general didactics, mainly having a practical function of guiding the concrete instructional-educational activity based on these innovations, tested and validated to become general guidelines, for the purpose of the emerging general didactics in the current context. Today's students, different from previous generations, have made the leap into the digital age and already routinely use the Internet and email, text messages or social networks, in other words the use of the latest generation IT devices. Teachers must facilitate learning beyond the standard or textbook examples and transfer the teaching of the subject to a set of contexts, concepts and methodologies appropriate to this new reality that will authentically support the student in the formation of competences, skills, abilities and attitudes. We exemplify with a case study related to the teaching of history.