Danubius International Conferences, 2nd International Conference on Education in the Digital Era

Strategies to Avoid the Inherent Forgetfulness

Gheorghe Lates
Last modified: 2023-07-20


The school and didactic professionals face the phenomenon of forgetting, the same from Antiquity to Contemporary. Psychologists have settled the matter: forgetting what has been learned begins after 2 hours, intensifies with time and is complete after 2 weeks in case the information has not been recalled in that interval. The simple observation of the phenomenon is not enough in school practice, and the educator randomly calls for the resumption of the information, when he notices the ravages of forgetting or when he remembers it. We propose a strategy for rethinking the didactic act, so that each lesson is given a consistent time segment, known and expected by both participants in the didactic act. In essence, it is about the modular lesson, made up of three mini-modules (teaching, practice, review), the final sequence being focused on the resumption of essential information in the critical interval that gives educators and students so much trouble.