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The Reflective, Creative and Innovative Teacher in the Digital Era

Digital Education
Rodica Pripoaie, George-Cristian Schin
Integrated Educational Platforms in Modern Higher Education
Aurelia Glavan, Gabriela Repesco
The Rainbow between the GeoGebra Platform and the New Innovative Digital Education Era
Strategic Development in Secondary Education – A Quality Management Framework for Hybrid and Digital Educational Projects
Diana Croitoru
Project Method as A Pedagogical Technology for Activating Students’ Educational Activity in European Universities
Tetyana Soroka
Application of the Fibonacci Series in Natural Language Processing
Radu Tonis Manea Bucea, Adrian Beteringhe
The Role of Partnership Projects in Preventing Early School Leaving
Maria Scarlat, Sorin Nedelcu
Innovative Teaching of Physics in the Digital Technology Era
Gabriela Tudor
Pedagogical Erothetics or the Logic of Asking Questions in the Context of Digital Pedagogy
Doinita Popa
The Relationship between Stress – Coping – Resilience in Children with Diabetes
Corina Cucui
Dimensions of Development during Adolescence
Grigore Ionascu, Lacramioara Aura Matei
Today's Child, Tomorrow's Adult
Liliana Ionascu
Post-Pandemic Dimensions of the New Curriculum in a Blended-Learning Context
George Pantica
Analysis of Curricular Products – History Case Study: the School Textbook
Gheorghe Octavian Zamfirescu
How Coaching Can Impact the Growth of Productivity and Profit in a Company
Elena Lupancu Popa

The Professionalization of Teaching Career in the Digital World

The Role of the Teacher in the Digital World. What is a Digital Teacher?
Oana Andreea Nae
The Role of Digital Competence in the Education System of the 21st Century
Mirela Curca
The use of New Technologies in Crisis Communication within School Organizations
Cornelia Tureac, Lidia Stanciu, Manuela Panaitescu, Cristian Macovei
Pedagogical Communication in the Digital Era
Maia Borozan, Lilia Turcan-Baltat
Digital Competencies: Challenges or Opportunities for the Development of Social Intelligence in Teenagers
Lilia Turcan-Baltat, Elena Bîrsan
School and education in the digital age
Stanciu Lidia, Beteringhe Adrian, Tureac Cornelia
Counseling and Personal Development with the Support of AI
Diamanta Luminita Bulai, Violeta Luminita Musunoiu Hoton
Highlights of the Artificial Intelligence Impact on Medical Education, a Brief Review
Ramona Niculina Jurcau, Ioana Marieta Jurcau, Razvan Titus Pirvan, Aurelia Glavan
Doctors' Opinion of Online-Versus-Physical Format of a Postgraduate Course on Stress Modulation
Ramona Niculina Jurcau, Ioana Marieta Jurcau, Razvan Titus Pirvan, Aurelia Glavan

Initial Teacher Training and Continuous Professional Development - a New Challenge

Issues of Social Inclusion of Young People with Disabilities in Higher Education
Aurelia Racu, Natalia Munteanu
Educational Evaluation Regarding the Legislative Changes of Work Ofences and Especially of Work Abuse
Cristian Macovei, Lidia Stanciu
The Axiological Dimension of Teacher Training
Marin Dramnescu
Strategies to Avoid the Inherent Forgetfulness
Gheorghe Lates
Enida Kume

Artificial Intelligence in Educational Research

Outcomes of Large Language Models and Artificial Intelligence in Education
Andrada Iulia State, Georgiana Alexandra Moroșanu, Laura Andreea Rata, Marius Geru
How Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence can contribute to increasing academic performance
Corina V Simionescu