Danubius International Conferences, 5th International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives

The Importance of Communication within the Development, Evaluation and Rewarding of Human Resources in an Organization

Ioan Bordean
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Date: 2010-05-14 03:30 PM – 06:30 PM
Last modified: 2010-05-13


Communication is the vital flow which turns the performances of an organization into reality. Its quality and functionality determine the way in which human resources are dealt with and the purposes are accomplished. Every organisation is formed of employees, management, equipment, raw materials and funds. Within the labour process, communication plays an essential role because every system implies the existence of an informational flow which makes possible its functioning as a whole. None of the managerial functions can exist without appealing to communication since these functions presuppose complex activities and decisions, which, by definition, are processes of information processing. The initiation and development of the organizational activities greatly depend on the the degree in which the human factor is understood and managed. Through a study carried out in a commercial organization, we aim at showing the degree in which communication contributes to the professional development, evaluation and rewarding of its employees, and finally, to the performances obtained by these employees and the organization as a whole.