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Legal Sciences

Brussels II Bis Regulation and the Competence of the Romanian Courts in the Divorce Cases
Gabriela Lupsan
Considérations Rétrospectives sur la Novation Confirmée du Traité D’Amsterdam
Ioan Huma
The company manager - powers and limitations
Dragos Mihail Daghie
Considerations on the debtor’s fault - structural, distinct and absolutely necessary condition for employing the contractual civil liability
Nora Andreea Daghie
The Relations of the Minor with the Parents and Extended Family. Assessing the Best Interest of the Child. Criteria of Assessment
Draghici Andreea, Tabacu Andreea, Singh Amelia
A new approach regarding legal contract lesion
Sache Neculaescu
The Evolution of the Romanian Environmental Legislation after the European Agreement in 1993
Florica Brasoveanu, Alexandru Petru Lisievici Brezeanu
The Protection of Marine Environment in Romanian Legislation and in the International Conventions to which Romania Adhered
Florica Brasoveanu, Alexandru Petru Lisievici Brezeanu
Considerations on the Relationship between Jurisprudence and the Way of Law's Interpretation by Public Administration
Emil Balan
Considerations on the interceptions and audio-video recordings related to the convention on human rights and fundamental freedoms
Gradinaru Sandra
"Safe Tourism" Community provision and need
Olguta Ludmila Benescu
The Structure of the Romanian Parliament after 20 Years of Democracy
Lucian Catrina, Mihail Boldea
The European Arrest Warrant Concerning the Latest Changes and Additions
Ion Rusu
The Issuance and transmission of a European Arrest Warrant by the Judicial Romanian Authorities
Ion Rusu
Peculiarities of the Enforcement of the European Arrest Warrant in the Case of an Illegal Liberty Deprivation
Rusu Ioana
La citoyenneté européenne
Alina Sulicu
Validity of the sales contract with buyback agreement in the light of the provisions of the New Civil Code
Emilia Mateescu
The community influences over the material liability of magistrates for the prejudices produced through judicial errors
Adriana Ioana Pirvu
The Controversy in the Romanian Legislation Regarding the Granting of Conditional Release
Monica Pocora
The Liability Limits for the Minors’ Acts and for Persons with Particular Legal Situation. Aspects of Comparative Law
Varvara Licuta Coman, Mirela Costache, Dorin Matei
The state of law and the multi-party system
Neculai Bobica
Legal issues related to donation of organs, tissues and cells of human origin
Virgil Erdei, Nicu Duret, Gabriela Mironov
Considerations on the Relationship Between Jurisprudence and the Way of Law's Interpretation by the Public Administration
Emil Balan, Gabriela Varia, Marius Vacarelu
Regulating the procedure of judging the appeal in the civil law suit in the Draft Civil Procedure Code
Zaharia Alexandrina
Interpretation principles of jus cogens principles as public order in international practice
Andritoi Claudia
The material content of the free movement of the
Dobrea Marius
Judicial limitations of the right to private propriety
Paşcan Adriana
Attracting, maintaining and expanding the customers – fundamental purpose of goodwill
Ioana Popa, Manuela Nita, Ilioara Genoiu
Dispute Settlement trough Banking Mediation
Rosu Angelica
Current and ongoing internet crime trends and techniques. Preventive and legislation measures in romania.
Florin Postolache, Mihaela Postolache
The corruption crimes in light of the new regulations of law no. 286/2009
Gradinaru Sandra
The moral issue of suicide and its relation with the individual freedom of human
Liliana Pavel
Les Conditions D'Action du Ministère Public en France Compte Tenu des Facteurs Administratifs, Normatifs, Pragmatiques et Sociaux
Georgeta Modiga
The Limits of the Representative Democracy
Ioan Alexandu
The Motivation for Studying the Maritime Law Institutions within Romanian Higher Education PDF
Ciprian Alexandrescu
L'adaptation Des Instruments Juridiques à la Nouvelle Architecture Européenne
Sarmisegetuza Ştefania Tulbure
Relevant Etiological Factors Involved in Human Trafficking in order to Practice Prostitution
Alexandru Boroi
The Death Penalty in the United States of America
Catalina Miron Popa
The Dublin Procedure
Ana – Maria Guriţă, Paula Maria Dinu
Comments on the Adoption of a New Code of Criminal Procedure
Dragu Cretu, Angelica Chirila
Observations on the Adoption of a New Penal Code (Law No. 286/2009)
Angelica Chirila, Dragu Cretu
The Right to Jurisdictional Protection Resulting from the Fulfillment of the Obligations Provisioned by Treaties
Gina Livioara Goga
La Juridiction de la Court Européenne des Droits de l’Homme Enfreint les Droits Fondamentaux de l’Homme – Le Droit à l’Information et le Droit au Double Degré de Juridiction
Valerica Nistor
More European with European Citizenship?
Crina Radulescu

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

A method of determination of an acquisition program of n goods in order to maximize the total utility
Catalin Angelo Ioan
The integrated educational system.
Dan Pauna, Mihaela Maxineanu
Aspects of the current fiscal-budgetary situation in some euro area countries. Implications for Romania
Camelia Milea, Floarea Iordache, Alina Georgeta Glod, Adina Criste, Iulia Lupu
Disequilibria Management at the Euro Area Level
Camelia Milea, Floarea Iordache, Alina Georgeta Glod, Adina Criste, Iulia Lupu
European union - space of regeneration, learning and inovation in the context of sustainable multidisciplinary research
Florin Răzvan Bălăşescu
European union - space of regeneration, learning and inovation in the context of sustainable multidisciplinary research
Floarea Iordache
Discretionary vs. Non-discretionary public policies
Emil Dinga, Cornel Ionescu, Elena Padurean, Camelia Baltaretu, Ionel Leonida
An appraisal on the Earlier Euro Adoption by the new Member States in the frame of the current Global Economic and Financial Crisis
Iulia Lupu, Camelia Milea, Adina CCFM Victor Slavescu Criste, Alina Georgeta Glod, Floarea Iordache
Governance or governing – the missing link?
Luminita Maria Craciun
European integration and globalization
Diana Bobica
Fundamental relations in a Monopolistic competition
Puscaciu Rose-Marie
On the logic of separating the fiscal policy from the fiscal administration
Emil Dinga, Cornel Ionescu, Elena Padurean, Camelia Baltaretu, Ionel Leonida
Opportunities for Improving Tourism Infrastructure in Bucovina for the Regional Sustainable Economic Development - Gura Humorului
Anca Gabriela Turtureanu, Cornelia Tureac
The relation between the performance of the enterprise and the quality management practices – a case study
Alexandrina Ghintuiala
Emotional intelligence in business romanian
Necsulescu Ecaterina, Mironov Gabriela Nicoleta
The Economical Partnership Romania - MERCOSUR
Pirju Ionel Sergiu, Cimpeanu Mariana Aida
Accounting. A normative representation of economic reality?
Roman Gianina
Profitableness and Risk – Components of the Financial Management
Ioan Popa - Lala, Cecilia – Nicoleta Anis
Risk and Insurance and Market Insurance in Albania
Eglantina Zyka, Elena Elena Myftaraj, Mirela Miti

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

Corporate social responsibility: a narrative framework
Camelia-Mihaela Cmeciu, Doina Cmeciu
Integrity within the university community.
Mirela Arsith
The New Dimensions of the Organizational Communication - How to Play Seriously at Work
Paraschiv Mihaela Oana
Sakai cle, an effective ways to bring technology into the "classroom".
Florin Postolache, Severin Bumbaru
The Importance of Communication within the Development, Evaluation and Rewarding of Human Resources in an Organization
Ioan Bordean
“Curentul” Editorial Staff in the Context of Interwar Europe
Fanel Teodorascu
Responsible communication - between legal and ethical rules
Daniela Popa
The Organizational Discourse in Economic Crisis: Myth, Construction or Reality?
Delia Andreea Gavriliu, Dorin Popa
The European Discourse in the 2009 Presidential Campaign in Romania
Monica Patrut
Carmina Balcanica – a publication covering the dialogue between the West and the Balkans
Cristina Mihaela Dosuleanu
Eco-label, new generation instrument of environmental protection
Elena Alexandra Ilinca, Belu Adriana Elena
The mass communication in the age of the ,,Global Village,,
Draganescu Oana
The Communication for the Social Change
Miron Luminita
From Ethnocentrism to Interculturalism in the European Horizon
Gheorghe Lates
The Muslim “Other” in the Western Mass-Media
Alina Chesca
Narrative Strategies of Communication by Means of the Fantastic
Mirela Gheorghe
Discourse markers as sentence openers in Legal English
Botezat Onorina
Knowledge, communication and e-learning in Higher Education - Perception and communication differences of traditional and modern academic status
Silvia Adriana Tomescu

Globalization and Cultural Diversity

The Evolution of the European Security Policy
Vasilica Negruț, Alexandra Negrut
The Role of Regions and the Territorial Cohesion Impact on them
Gabriela A. Popoviciu
The specificity of the organizational culture in European Management
Cimpeanu Mariana Aida, Pirju Ionut Sergiu
Importance in assessing the organizational climate organizational culture
Cimpeanu Mariana Aida, Mironov Gabriela Nicoleta
The integrative dimension of the economic globalization in European space
Alexandrache Daniela Mariana, Cimpeanu Mariana Aida
Considerations on the legal status of the individual in public international law
Jana Maftei
Danubius University of Galati and the Process of Internationalization of Higher Education
Anișoara Popa
Brasseurs d’affaires vs brassage d’identités(La Culture – facteur d’équilibre entre Identité européenne et Mondialisation)
Constantin Frosin
The Quality of Higher Education- Comparative Analysis of its Implementation in EU Countries
Mihaita Otelea
The Implications of the Globalization in Defining the International Security
Florinel Iftode

Reforming Public Administration

The British Civil Service
Iulian Savenco
Unconstitutional issues regarding legal provisions concerning public office
Gradinaru Sandra
Critical Observations on the Contravention Normative Framework in Romania. Perfecting proposals
Tache Bocaniala
The pertinence of administrative regionalization project in Romania
Mihaela Carausan
Jurisdictional legality control of administrative acts in the european union law.Excepted acts fron the jurisdictional european control.
Andreea Diana Papa
European policy of General Charles de Gaulle in the French public opinion
Ioana Panagoret
The main subsystems involved in defining the quality management system
Dobrea Valentina Alina
Politics related to the strategy for public health decentralization in Romania
Dobrea Valentina Alina
European Ombudsman's role in achieving the right to good administration
Ion Popescu-Slaniceanu, Diana Marilena Petrovszki, Cosmin Ionut Enescu
The Control of the Legality of Administrative Activity through the Court of Justice of the European Union
Gina Livioara Goga, Gabriel Guriţă