Danubius International Conferences, 6th International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives

Creative education – a variant to improve quality of Romanian higher education

Vergina Chiritescu, Vergina Chiritescu
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Date: 2011-05-13 05:30 PM – 07:00 PM
Last modified: 2011-05-10


It is undisputed that in the present world, we need a creative education, applied and applicable. Education must remain the foundation and theoretical basis of the evolutionary pyramid students and future graduates, but creative education should be top. Theoretical knowledge should be implemented even during years of study, so that the graduate to "see" concrete and applicability of what they learn, the only way he will be able to "give wings" to become an entrepreneur in the field of particular study. Innovation and entrepreneurship does not occur arbitrarily, but they must be developed at national level through major investments in technological education, creative education, research, policy and legislation and infrastructure support for business development. In this paper we try to characterize the socio-economic situation in the educational process is carried out to present, a series of fundamental issues on creative education and to identify its influence on the growth of the Romanian higher education quality. The main research methods used in the compilation of this material were: theoretical and practical scientific documentation, surveys and observations. In Romania, there are still enormous challenges in terms of overcoming obstacles to initiating and developing a business. Authorities, businesses, educational institutions and civil society are key actors who can shape their strategies, measures and actions for effective development of small business to start from considerations of minimum risk and should be developed gradually under the new self-financing business started.