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Legal Sciences

Multiple Discriminations – between a Contravention Per Se and an Aggravating Circumstances
Cristian Jura
More European with European Citizenship?
Crina Radulescu
Organizational Structure: A Key Mechanism in Performance Management Process
Georgeta Modiga
Precautionary Seizure of Civil Ship
Ciprian Alexandrescu
Fiscal Sovereignty of Member States and Tax Harmonization on Mutual Assistance for the Recovery of Tax Claims
Arina Dragodan
Enforcement of European Court of Justice Judicial Decision
Gheorghe Dinu
The Application of the Hardship Theory
Aniela Flavia Suditu
Efficiency Modalities in Internal Plan of Decisions Issued by International Jurisdictions that Regulated the Situation of Private Law Persons in National Judicial Order
Andritoi Claudia
The Public Notary’s Competence
Schin George
Reflections on the Adoption Institution in Regulating the New Civil Code
Gabriela Lupsan
Corporate Governance
Dragos Mihail Daghie
Criminal Responsibility of Minors in the New Criminal Code Offences (Law No. 286/2009)
Boroi Alexandru, Chirila Angelica, Dragu Cretu
The current situation in Romania and the role of asylum in the framework of the institutional mechanism for managing the immigration phenomenon
Mădălina Cocoşatu
Legal Aspects of Fiscal Pressure and its Socio-Economic Effects
Iacob Emanuel Baciu
Mediation: The Bensberg Model
Raluca Mihalcioiu
Analphabetism in the 21st century and its legal consequences
Marius Vacarelu
Review of the Administrative Court Decision, pursuant to Art. 21 of Law No. 554/2004. Conditions of Eligibility
Rosu Angelica, Gavrila Petrina Simona
The European Citizens’ Initiative – participatory democracy in EU
Mihaela Victorita Carausan
The European Legislation and Protection of Trademarks in Romania
Codruta Stefania Jucan
The Role of Romania in Building the New Security Architecture
Florica Brasoveanu, Lisievici-Brezeanu Alexandru-Petru
Aspects of Comparative Law regarding the Interceptions and Audio or Video Recordings
Gradinaru Sandra
General Considerations Regarding the Interceptions and Audio or Video Recordings Reported to the Judicial Practice and Present Legislation
Gradinaru Sandra
Considerations Regarding the Applicability of the Penal Clause to the Obligations that have as Object the Payment of a Certain Quantity of Money, Regarding the Commercial Contracts
Gradinaru Sandra, Antinia Georgiana, Scrimit Marius, Paiusi Liviu
The Legal Status of Complementary Concepts of Freedom and Liability
Coman Varvara Licuta, Maftei Jana
Interpretation of Treaties
Maftei Jana, Varvara Licuta Coman
The analysis of the pre-emption right under the contract of sale in the regulation of new civil code
Mirela Costache
The Europeanization of public administration through the general principles of good administration
Vasilica Negruț, Alexandra Negrut
The Boom in the Youth Trafficking Market
Lawal Bimbola Abolaji
The Proof of Heir Status in the New Civil Code
Ilioara Genoiu
Considerations on Preventing and Combating the Illegal Trafficking of Minors under the Current Economic and Financial Crisis
Tache Bocaniala
The Changes made to the Criminal Procedure Code by the Law 202 of 2010 and their importance
Georgian Dan
The protection of the right of living in the new criminal code
Lavinia Mihaela Vlădilă
Practice problems concerning the decision to grant access to asylum in Romania under "Dublin II" Regulation
Ana Maria Gurita
Administrative Sanctions and the Concept of “Criminal Charge”. Romanian Perspective in a Comparative Law Study
Elena Mihaela Fodor
Importance and Necessity of International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters
Georgeta Modiga
The Provocation to an Unpremeditated or Affective Intention
Georgian Dan
Re-Individualizing the Criminal Sanctions of Deprivation of Liberty in the European Union
Ion Rusu
Privacy Rights and Intellectual Property Issues as an Outcome of the Social Networking Sites’ Abuse
Aniela Flavia Suditu
Re-individualization of Sanctions for Non-Custodial Criminal Law in the European Union
Ion Rusu
The Importance of Probation under the Current Circumstances
Minodora-Ioana Balan-Rusu
Premeditation to the Criminal Intention
Georgian Dan
The mandatory force of the Contract in relationship with Thirds. Positive consecration in Comparative Law and in the New Romanian Civil Code
Nora Andreea Daghie
New challenges in the narcotics world
Nicoleta Elena Buzatu
Precipitation clause
Sulicu Alina
Mutual Transition, Spiral and Evolutionary Development of Single Positive Law and Plural Normative Order Related to the New Comparative Normative Order Study in the Context of Global Conflicts Resolution
Bizina Savaneli
The Romanian Legislative Reform from the Perspective of the Acquis Communautaire
Mihail Boldea
The Idea of Absolute in the World of Law
Huma Ioan
The Appeal to the Execution of a Writ of Execution Issued by a Public Authority
Aurelia Bodea
Comments on the Adoption of a New Code of Criminal Procedure
Boroi Alexandru, Chirila Angelica, Dragu Cretu
New Institutions and Institutions that Have Suffered Some Changes in the New Code of Criminal Procedure. (General Part)
Tiberiu Duţu
The Right, the Liberty and Democracy
Ioan Alexandru
Present and Future in the Internal Security Strategy of the European Union
Marius Pantea, Costică Voicu
Present Legislative and Practical Aspects in the Field of Fighting Tax Evasion
Marius Pantea, Dan Bucur

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

Challenges of the banking integration process in the case of the new EU member states
Dan Chirlesan, Bogdan Ilut
The Global Financial Crisis and Public Finance in Central and Eastern Europe. Romania’s case
Mariana Trandafir
The Shift of the Demand for Air Transport Services when Prices Change
Dan Pauna
Financing Opportunities and Performance Improvement in Times of Economic Crisis. Case study: the Romanian local public administration
Dana Mihaela Murgescu
Labour market performance in the New Member States of the European Union in the context of the current crisis
Alina Georgeta Ailincă, Adina Criste, Camelia Milea, Iulia Lupu
Long-run implications of debt on economic growth
Ion Lucian Catrina
How an EU Funded Project Can Educate Leaders
Calin Sarchiz
The Sustainable Development Premises of Rural Communities
Anca Turtureanu, Cornelia Tureac, Bogdan Andronic, Alexandra Ivan, Alin Filip
Ecotourism - the Main Form of Tourist Exploitation of Protected Natural Areas
Anca Turtureanu, Cornelia Tureac, Bogdan Andronic, Alexandra Ivan, Alin Filip
Tendences in Public Activities of Notariats. Council of the Notariats in the European Union
Schin George
Doctrines and Contemporary Economic Theories in the Economic Development
Stefan Gheorghe
The Politics of Social Responsibility in the Romanian Business Environment
Stefan Gheorghe
Basic Views of Political Parties, Political and Social Groups Concerning Turkish-EU Relations and their Evolution over Time
E. Ayşen Hiç Gencer
The role of management in the banking sector
Gabriela Piciu, Georgiana Chiţiga, Florin Bălăşescu, Cătălin Drăgoi
References of the Fiscal System’s Adaptation in the Context of Reforming the European Social Models
Marius M Frunza, Elena Toma
The Decline of Traditional Banking Activities
Gabriela Piciu, Georgiana Chiţiga, Nicoleta Mihăilă, Carmen Trică
The Impact of Tourism upon Natural Capital
Gabriela Piciu, Carmen Trică
Old and New Configurations Regarding the Concept of Economic Performance
Ovidia Doinea
The Reflection of the Current Crisis on the Economic Growth in the European Union New Member States
Adina Criste, Iulia Lupu, Camelia Milea, Alina Georgeta Ailinca
Accounting and financial data analysis Data Mining tools
Codreanu Diana Elena
Current accounting issues of employees advantages
Krajnik Izabella, Olteanu Laura
Dynamics of Romanian Tourism In European Tourism In The Global Crisis. Facts And Perspectives.
Laura Olteanu, Krajnik Izabella
The analysis EViews of the level and the structure of tax pressure in Romania
Pripoaie Rodica, Pripoaie Silviu
Structural Analysis of the Company's Asset BETA S.H.
Alexandrina Ghintuiala
Analysis of students travel preferences – which identity?
Dorobantu Maria Roxana
Implications of the inflation targeting strategy in some of the European Union member countries
Alina Camelia Sargu, Angela Roman
Sustainable Development Rm. Vâlcea city - strategic objectives
Marin Aurelia Camelia, Isabella Sima
Wealth taxes in the context of European integration and globalization: a reconsideration?
Toma Elena, Frunza Marius
Core-periphery model with different sizes of transportation costs in industrial and agricultural goods
Puscaciu Rosemarie
Tax efficiency vs. tax equity – points of view regarding tax optimum
Stela Aurelia Toader, Mihai Aristotel Ungureanu, Iuliana Predescu, Antoniu Predescu
China’s Strategic Investments and its Relations with Developing Economies
Radu Marcel Joia
Fiscal Federalism: a solution for the European Union during the crisis?
Adina Violeta Trandafir
Corporate Governance and International Financial Reporting Reference (IFRS)
Gheoghe Lepadatu, Ancuta Gianina Opre
Management aspects of budgeting COSTS
Mihaela Daniela Vladu
Recent Approaches on Tax Evasion in Romania
Vasile Bleotu
Social insurance in Romania - concern for governors
Manuela Panaitescu
Influence of Structural and Cohesion Funds on regional development in Romania
Manuela Panaitescu
The public pension system in Romania – analysis before and after 1999
Croitoru Elena Lucia, Baranga Laurentiu, Predescu Antoniu, Pricopi Alexandra
Covering risks in the public administration – an in-depth analysis of the regulatory changes in Romania
Mădălina Cocoşatu, Ioana Teodora Dinu
Galati Port during its Porto-Franco Status
Stefan Gheorghe
The absorption of European Funds – premise of Romanian business environment development
Gabriela Marchis
The spreading of financial crisis: effect of investor behavior or of economic channels
Ruxandra Dana Vilag, Mihai Dragos Ungureanu, George Horia Ionescu, Marinel Rizea
Stages of the economic integration and the level of international competitiveness. Optimization methods. The EU Case
Grigore - Silasi, Codruta Duda-Daianu, Monica Boldea, Gabriela Puscas
Political Foundations of Economic Reform
catalin constantin balan
Central Bank: Between Independence and Global Financial Crisis
Mariana Trandafir
Managerial Accounting - An Instrument for Measuring Performance in Public Institutions
Adelina Dumitrescu
The Effects of Economic Crisis on Tourism
Maricica Drutu Ivan
Without Economic Rebalancing, There Will Be No Healthy Recovery Neither in EU Countries Nor in Global Economy
Octavian Liviu Olaru
European Transportation Policy for European Integration
Ruhet Genc
Presentation of Financial Statements According to IPSAS
Cretu Carmen, Carmen Sirbu, Gheonea Victoria, Constandache Nicoleta
A Snap Shot on Business Ethic and Ethic in Business
Hassan Danaee Fard, Mohammad Reza Noruzi.
Hassan Danaee Fard, Mohammad Reza Noruzi..
Policy and Policy Making in Iran; Issues and Process
Hassan Danaee Fard, Mohammad Reza Noruzi
Development of Accounting Theories Specific to the National Accounting Literature of the First Half of Twentieth Century
Sorin Damian
Comparative Analysis of Organizational Structures in Industrial Management
Daniel Furcilă
Investment Portfolio Establishment - Basic Purpose of Investment Strategies
Ionel Caciuc

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

Text Linguistics in the Context of the Communication Sciences
Silviu Serban, Cristina Scarlat
Communication and Organizational Culture
Mirela Arsith, Oana Draganescu
The Fourth State Power – case study: Pamfil Seicaru
Fanel Teodorascu
New media and social media in the Romanian political communication
Antonio Roberto Momoc
How to Brand an International Organization. NATO Case Study
Mihai Sebe, Gigi Mihaita
European identity - a chance for marginalized minorities. The case of Pomaks
Alexandru Boboc - Cojocaru
For a Classification of the Genres in Written Press
Delia Gavriliu
The Dissolution of Multiculturalism. Causes and Effects
Gheorghe Lates
Context of Developing Media Accountability System in Romania
Daniela Popa
Election Debates - (Non)Verbal Ritual Games
Camelia Cmeciu, Monica Patrut
The Imagological Counteraction Techniques – A Case Study on County Council Constanta
Paraschiv Mihaela Oana
The language of the politicians on the Internet and the construction of an online organizational culture for the political parties
Victor Negrescu
The Rise of Social Media as an Influential Marketing Channel: A Study on Banking Services
Anca Maria Rosu
At the Head of Theoretical Disciplines, Rhetoric Besieges Advertising
Constantin Popescu
State of the art of Information and Communication science in France
Jean-Luc Michel
Communicational Virtuality of Alterity (Otherness) in the New Media
Aurel Codoban
The role of media in community development
Miron Luminita
Data Mining – Innovative Method for Obtaining Information in Marketing and Business Management
Alina Mihaela Babonea, Mirela Cristina Voicu, Andreea Paula Dumitru
Public Services in Modern Society
Constantin Pitu
Paradigms of Communication through the Fantastic in the Romanian Interwar Space
Mirela Gheorghe
Translation Problems of Poetic Works of A. S. Pushkin in French
Olga Koudinova
About the Problem of Definition and Function of the French Proverb
Sonia Dolaptchy
The Tendency in the Modern French Language: Abbreviations and their Dynamics.
Ludmila Starodedova
Some Peculiarities in the Language Palette of the Ukrainian Mass Media
Larisa Topcii
The French interference in the Bulgarian of Bessarabia
Valentina Radkina
Pedagogical Nature of Conflict in Coordinate of The Modern Scientific Researches
Natalia Toptygina
The Beginning of the Economic Romanian Journalism Mercury- 1839-1841
Cristina Mihaela Dosuleanu
The vision discourse is as an explication of the philosophy of the transcendental existence in the dramatic works of A. Oles, G. Hauptmann and M. Maeterlinck.
Alexandra Cepelik
Theoretical Fundamentals of Studying Connotative Meaning of Phraseological Units
Olga Jurkova
The Functions of Classical Antiquity Images in the Ukrainian Baroque Poetry
Tatiana Şevciuk
The Conception of History in the Theatre of Arthur Adamov
Valentina Shevtchuk
The Multicultural in terms of language in Odessa
Polina Chiseolar
Culture of Odessa Region in the Multicultural and Intercultural Context
Elena Golovanova
"Maladjusted" / "Fallen" towards the World and with Himself
Andreea Pavel
Epithets in A. Krymskiy’s Art Discourse as a Verbal Means of Language Reflection of Picture of the World
Galyna Butkova

Globalization and Cultural Diversity

Cultural-linguistic Globalization in the European Space
Sebastian Cristian Chirimbu
Organizational Culture Factors that Can Influence Knowledge Transfer
Ioan Pastor
Migration and Economic Integration. Study about Romanian Immigrant Workers in Germany
Raluca Mihalcioiu
De la « Forteresse Europe » à une confédération démocratique : Les visions roumaines pourtant sur la construction européenne pendant la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale
Mihai Sebe
Export Products and Services Quality Management
Aurelia Constanta Chitiba
Highly Skilled Migration. A Romanian Perspective: 2000 - 2009
Maria Cristina Dinescu
Interactivity leadership in a global economy
Necsulescu Ecaterina, Gabriela Duret
Entrepreneurship: a source of economic growth in EU
George Strambeanu, Norina Popovici, Camelia Moraru
The Place of the Culture in the Current International Relations
Constantin Frosin
Management strategies in multinational PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania
Norina Popovici, Camelia Moraru, Roxana Ionita
Perspectives on globalization – aspects of cultural diversity, integrating practices and events
Anita Grigoriu, Ruxandra Coman
Visions of Europe at the eastern and western border of EU. A comparison between Romanian and Portugese students.
Oana Mihaela Stoleriu, Octavian Groza, Eduarda Marques da Costa, Ana Rita Pedro
The Implications of Modernization in the International Trade Transactions: INCOTERMS 2010
Rosu Angelica, Gavrila Petrina Simona
Construction of the European Neighborhood Policy. From a regional policy to a local approach: EUBAM to Moldova and Ukraine
Alexianu Ruxandra
International Public Relations in the EU: communication and public opinion on development cooperation
Victor Negrescu
Le leadership politique européen et le système actuel de relations internationales
Cristina Dogot
Material Waste, Social Trash, and Stigmatization: A Case Study in Sofia, Bulgaria
Elana Faye Resnick
Aspects of Imagology in the Western Mass-Media
Alina Beatrice Chesca
Moral Value of Human Freedom at the Intersection of Religious Tradition and the Civil Law
Madalina Tomescu, Liliana Trofin
The rise of the new country - the South Sudan, and the relation with the EU
Ionel Sergiu Pirju, Mihaela Postolache
Levels and Patterns in the Analysis of the Organizational Culture
Aida Mariana Cimpeanu
Black Sea Energy Security - Present and Future
Florin Iftode
How Does Globalization Affect the National Security?
Florin Iftode
The news, public sphere and civil society
Florentina Popa
A "United Europe" according to the Published Discourses of N. Titulescu
Anișoara Popa
Lobbying in the European Union: practices and challenges
Soimu Sebastian, Andrisan Daniel Stefan, Margarit Adriana, Stefan Ionut
Movement League for Moral, Justice, And National Production
Florin Negoita

Reforming Public Administration

Crisis and Renewal: welfare state, democracy and equality in Romania
Cristinela Ionela Velicu
Dilemmatic concepts in social area
Cristina Ciuraru-Andrica
Needs for management Strategy of Decentralization and Local Autonomy in Albania Region.
Enida Pulaj
The need of politically descentralization in romanian administrative system
Simona Mina
The Impact of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region on the Administrative Capacity
Tache Bocaniala, Andrei Bocănială
Public Service Motivation. A possible model for romanian public management
Raluca Mihalcioiu
Public order in the III-rd Millennium, Between “Big Brother” and Chaos
Calin Stefan Georgia
An Overview On The Strategic Accord Between US And EU Concerning Data Protection
Ana-Maria Bercu
Is it Necessary a Higher Administrative Board in Romania?
Emil Balan
Public Order: Challenges of Inter-Institutional and Regional Cooperation in the Context of the Knowledge Society. A Question of Economic and Social Efficiency
Mariana Balan, Cornelia Dumitru, Gheorghe-Stelian Balan
Some General Considerations regarding the Implications of the Changing of Electoral System Upon the Structure of Political Élites in Romania
Marcela Monica Stoica
Democracy at the local level
Alexandru Georgeta Dana, Olteanu Mihaela
A Human Rights Perspective on the Reform of Public Administration in Romania
Gabriela Varia
The Analysis of Public Administration Reforms in Macedonia and appreciation for its functioning by the European Commission
Abdula Azizi
Recruitment and Selection of Staff - Key Components for the Reform of the Romanian Police
Valeria-Liliana-Amelia Purda-Nicoară (Netotea-Suciu)
The research of the administrative phenomenon within the European space from the perspective of the organisms specialized in professional trading
Gina Livioara Goga
Reforming Public Administration in the Process of Georgia's Integration into EU
David Sukhiashvili
Digital Governance (in Romanian Municipalities). A longitudinal assessment of Municipal Websites in Romania
Catalin Vrabie
New challenges in regional development: the administrative role of the region
Cristi Iftene
Organization-Operational Modes Of Public Services
Constantin Pitu
The Decentralization Paradox: Solving Inherent Efficiency Problems
Adelina Dumitrescu
The technique of licensing at European Union level- used as a means of environmental protection
Alexandra Ilinca, Adriana Belu
The Preliminary Procedure - a Eligibility Condition of the Action in the Romanian Administrative Contentious
Andreea-Diana Papa
Iulian Nedelcu
The Concept of Appropriateness in Issuing Administrative Acts
Iulian Nedelcu, Silviu Dragan, Paul Nedelcu

Quality in Education

Creative education – a variant to improve quality of Romanian higher education
Vergina Chiritescu, Vergina Chiritescu