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Legal Sciences in the New Millennium

Radu Razvan Popescu
Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments if the Convicted Person is in Romania. Critical Observations
Minodora-Ioana Rusu
The Transfer of Sentenced Persons Held in Third Countries, in order to serve the Sentence or the Measure of Deprivation of Liberty in a Penitentiary or a Medical Unit in Romania. Critical Observations
Ion Rusu
Trust regulation in the Czech Republic: the model law for introduction of the trust instrument in the Republic of Latvia?
Janis Grasis
Legal Nature of Criminal Proceedings Regarding the Length of the Appeal
Constantin Tanase
Improving the Regulatory Framework for the Legal Status of Applicants for International Protection in the Context of the implementation of Relocation Mechanisms
Tache Bocaniala
The Analysis of the Functions of Civil Liability. Constants and New Valences
Mirela Costache
The Contribution of the European Convention on Consular Functions to the Development of International Law
Jana Maftei
Special Administrative Jurisdictions
Vasilica Negruț
About the Just Cause of the Revocation of a Mandate Contract
Rosu Angelica
About Changing the Home of the Minor. Theoretical and Practical Approach
Gabriela Lupsan
The leasing contract.Harmonizing national legislation with the lease specific international norms
Tomescu Raluca
Trafficking of Human Beings –Phenomenon of the Contemporary World. Preventing, Combating Trafficking of Human Beings and Victims’ Protection
Andrei A. Horatiu Ionescu

The Immigrant’s Legal Status in International Law;

International Legislation Specific to the Minor Immigrant XML
Andy Pusca
Principles and Guarantees for refugees' protection
Victoria Scripnic

The European Citizen and Public Administration

E-participation – a key factor in developing smart cities
Andreea Maria Tirziu, Catalin Ioan Vrabie
Development of Citizens’s Political Participation in Local Administration System
The importance of developing the administrative capacity for the modernization of the rural community. Case Study: Ciugud town, Alba county
Ani Matei, Luminita Iordache
Analysis on the possible Brexit, through the Lisbon Treaty
Ana-Maria Teodora Andronic, Andy Pusca, Anisoara Popa
The European Regional Development Fund and romanian transportation sector
Erika Georgeta Kuciel
The Importance of the Public Administration Reform in Kosovo
Valon Krasniqi, Ylber Aliu

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

The Statistical Analysis of evolution’s unemployment rate in the UE and Romania with EViews7
Rodica Pripoaie
Selecting an investment project of several possible at a company level
Rodica Pripoaie
Romanian economy During the Great War 1914-1918
Stefan Gheorghe
Romanian economy in the interwar period
Stefan Gheorghe
The satisfaction index in the hotel bussiness Case study: Vega Hotel by Galati
Pauna Dan, Luminita Maria Filip
Premises of the Religious Cultural Tourism Development in the Galati – Braila Urban Perimeter
Anca Turtureanu
Nicoleta Constandache, Carmen-Mihaela Crețu, Gheorghe Chiru
Demographic Challenge - Economic and Social Aspects in Romania
Florin-Dan Puscaciu, Viorica Puscaciu, Rose Marie Puscaciu
Instruments for Financing Investment Opportunities in Post-Crisis Europe: The Investment Plan for Europe
Mariana Trandafir, Manuela Panaitescu
The Absorption of EU Funds, between Priority and Responsibility
Manuela Panaitescu, Mariana Trandafir
Managing Security Risks in an Industrial Investment – Analysis Directions
Stefan Dragomir, Georgeta Dragomir
The Effects It Has Had The Romanian Accession To The European Union on Trading Policy
Marcu Alexandru George, Serban Alexandru Narcis

Social Innovation and Social Economy

Interactive environments: Opportunities for social innovation and public health initiatives
Predag Nikolic
How Crowdfunding Works in Romania?
Madalina Balau
Claw-Back Tax - a Fang of Romanian Health System, or a Moral Duty?
Viorica Puscaciu, Florin-Dan Puscaciu, Rose Marie Puscaciu
The European projects in the support of Albanian’s VET
Ermira Kastriot Sela

Green Economy and Sustainable Development;

Green economy through the Rosia Montana case - best solution in the context of schemes offshore routed by the international corporations
Moroianu Nicolae Nicolae
Firm model design from the perspective of sustainable circular economy paradigm
Florin Răzvan Bălăşescu
Corporate Social Responsibility Performance during crisis. An EU approach
Adina Dornean, Bogdan Narcis Firtescu
General considerations on the population ageing
Alina Nuta

Modeling Growth – between Public Policy and Entrepreneurship

The need for environmental indicators coverage. The ecological footprint
Florian Nuta
Characteristics of the entrepreneurial environment in European Union countries: a comparative analysis
Valentina Diana Rusu, Angela Roman
Economic Thinking from Hesiod to Richard Cantillon
Gina Ioan
Analysis of the evolution of statistics in Romania
Catalin Angelo Ioan

Educating Integral Innovators in a European Academic Network

New Horizons for Innovation in European Higher Education Institutions
Gabriela Marchis
Digital Media - a new academic program in a new reality
Claudia Chiorean Talasman

International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy

Albania-EU relationship and the course towards the European integration
Jeta Mitat Goxha
Considerations on the Romanian-Soviet Historical Diplomatic Relations in the View of Nicolae Titulescu
Cristian Sandache
The Inter-War Foreign Policy of Romania and Nicolae Titulescu
Cristian Sandache
Eurasia: The Rivalry of Global Integration Projects
Olesia Kobenko
Contemporary International Relations Disturbance: Excessive migration
Aura Raluca Adamache, Andrei Tiberiu Stoica

Political discourse. Conceptual and Historical Perspectives

The Discourse of Power
Adina Elena Sandu, Ionut Ciprian Roscaneanu

Globalization - a Controversial Phenomenon of the Contemporary World

Quo vadis - an Unusual Economy Faces New Challenges in the Current Global Crisis?
Luminita Maria Filip, Dan Pauna
Europe Being Islamized - A Consequence of the Islamic Religion?
Florin Iftode

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

The Briand Plan of European Union Commented by the Interwar Romanian Press
Fanel Teodorascu
Prolegomena to a Better Definition of Intercultural Communication: The Concept of Culture
Cristinel Munteanu
The Social and Moral Values Which We Live
Mirela Arsith
Andreea Constanta Bostan
Social borders, identity and urban image construction
Iosif Luminita
Text homeostasis
Balanescu Dan