Danubius International Conferences, 12th International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives

About Minimizing The Principle Of Legal Certainty In Judicial Practice

Angelica Rosu
Last modified: 2017-04-04


This article brings back into question a question that has been debated, namely that of non-correlation and of discrepancies found in the process of analysis of the tax laws,by reference to the criminal consequences of the alleged acts of fraud.

The practical reality prooves that, in fact, is not the problem of difficulties in the interpretation of legal provisions, but also a knowingly ignored the fundamental principles enshrined in the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union, as well as the conventional duty-the European Convention on human rights.

These issues were highlighted in the content of some recent judgements handed down by courts of law, ruling that they are able themselves to give rise to legal insecurity.