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Legal Sciences in the New Millennium

The Peace Courts in the Romanian Judicial System
Constantin Tanase
The Consequences Of The Covid-19 Pandemia On The Performance Of Contracts: Short Comparison Between China, French And Romanian Civil Law
Radu Stancu
Again about the Domestic Violence and the Civil Protection Order
Gabriela Lupsan
Rental of Public Property Assets
Vasilica Negruț
Typologies of the invocation of the right to education in Romanian case-law
Adriana-Maria Sandru
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Romanian Criminal Law. The Main Changes in the Legal Content of the Futility of Combating Diseases Offense
Ana Alina Ionescu Dumitrache
Criminological Analysis of the Crime Concerning Organ Trafficking
Ștefănuț Radu
The concept of computer crime
Ștefănuț Radu
Causes and Factors that Contribute to the Commission of Crime by a Minor
Ștefănuț Radu
Some ethical, legal and policy aspects of the intelligent robots personhood
Corneliu Andy Pusca
Brief Glossary Of Terms In The Matter Of The Right Of Communications And Information Technology
Angelica Staicu, Georgian Dan
From The Jurisprudence Of The European Court Of Justice In The Matter Of Information Technology And Copyright
Angelica Staicu, Georgian Dan
The Public International Law and Common Interests of Humankind
Jana Maftei
Offenses of Service. The Pre-Existing Elements
Bogdan Bîrzu
Infringements of Service in Romanian Law. The Constitutional Content
Minodora-Ioana Rusu
General Considerations Concerning Service Infringements
Ion Rusu
Justice Reform in Albania with Particular Focus on the Establishment of New Institutions
Gloria Çarkaxhiu
Some Case Studies Regarding the Application of the Principle of Legal Security in the Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court of Romania
Emilian Ciongaru
The Continuity of “animus donandi” - from the Specific Concept of Roman Law to its Transposition into Romanian Legislation
Tiberiu Chiriluta, Mirela Costache
Aspects regarding the legality of search warrants obtained based on the recordings conducted with the help of the Romanian Information Service
Sandra Gradinaru
Considerations regarding the validity of the prosecutor`s procedural documents appropriated through the application of a stamp containing his signature
Sandra Gradinaru
Considerations regarding the expertise of optical media that contain the results of technical surveillance in criminal causes
Andrei Apostol
Is it admissible an appeal against the decision of the Court of Appeal - Labor Disputes and Social Insurance Section?
Angelica Rosu

The European Citizen and Public Administration

European Intelligence College - a New Challenge for the European Union?
Tache Bocaniala
The Legal force and the effects of administrative acts in light of the new regulation
Modiga Georgeta, Gabriel Ioan Avramescu, Andreea Miclea
Identification of ways and means favorable to the application of the decentralization process at local and county level
Modiga Georgeta, Gabriel Ioan Avramescu, Andreea Miclea
European Funds Management related to the Cohesion Policy 2021-2027
Manuela Panaitescu

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

The Impact of Foreign Investments on the Economy
Viorica Puscaciu, Rose-Marie Puscaciu, Carmen Sirbu
The Virus that Changes the World - its Impact on the Economy
Florin-Dan Puscaciu, Viorica Puscaciu, Carmen Sirbu
Dan Pauna
The Determination of a Company Production Under the Conditions of Minimizing the Production Costs, but also Profit Maximization
Catalin Angelo Ioan, Gina Ioan
Covid-19 Crisis – a wake-up call for Romanian Higher Education System
Gabriela Marchis
The Evolution of Balneary Tourism in Romania as an Integrated Part of Health Tourism
Anca Turtureanu, Florentina Chitu
The Economic Development Of Cross-Border Cooperation Euroregions Of Romania As A Determinant Of European Security
Emanuel Ștefan Marinescu, Vasile Bogdan
Food Security And Safety - As Crucial Elements In Shaping The Future Of A Nation
Liviu Marinescu, Vasile Bogdan
The Bioeconomic Strategy Of Romania In The Context Of A Major Global Crisis
Emanuel Marinescu, Liviu Marinescu
Comparative study of access control methods in enterprise information systems, based on RBAC, ABAC, and TBAC policies
Marcel Danilescu
Consultancy Activities in the Management of Economic Entities in Romania
Daniel Marius Moscu
The Implementation of the Funds Cross-border-limits and Proposals for Improvement. Case Study Interreg Romania - Bulgaria
Carmen Sirbu, Aurelian Constantin
Impact of Catastrophic Risks on Insurance
Roxana Ionescu, Paul Tănăsescu
Can Living Labs Support and Stimulate Innovation in Peripheral and Less Developed Regions?
Madalina Balau
Bioeconomy - An Opportunity for Romania from a Regional Perspective
Riana Iren Radu, Rodica Pripoaie
The Covid-19 Pandemic Influence On The Macroeconomic Indicators
Rodica Pripoaie, Riana Iren Radu
The Analysis of the Port Management Models along Danube River
Andra Luciana Marcu, Alina Beatrice Raileanu
The Economic Strategies Of The Great Powers To Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic
Sergiu-Lucian Șorcaru, Ștefan-Cătălin Topliceanu

Green Economy and Sustainable Development

A discussion upon the environmental impact of a global pandemic
Florian Nuta
Waste Management in Galați County
Manuela Panaitescu
The Global Pact for the Environment - a Necessity and One of the Answers to the Worldwidwe Environmental Crisis-where to?
Elena- Loredana Pirvu

Modeling Growth – between Public Policy and Entrepreneurship

Budgetary measures in coronavirus time
Alina Nuta
Leadership, Innovative Work Behavior and Software Development Companies In Romania
Ioana Gutu
The role of entrepreneurship in SME sector
Tanasa Florentin
Financing the Medical System in Romania and Quality of Life
Mihai-Bogdan Petrișor
Measurements of Fiscal Imbalances in Romania
Elena Cigu

International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy

Diplomatic, Military and Economic Actions of Romania for the Purpose of Exiting the United Nations War
Stefan Gheorghe
Romania and the International Relationship at the Beginning the Two World Conflagration
Stefan Gheorghe
Covid-19 Impact on International Relations
Beteringhe Adrian, Marian-Cosmin Pieptea, Mirela Arsith, Stanciu Filip
The “Renew Europe” Political Group in the European Parliament: A Home for New Parties
Lucian Dirdala
Transposing the Istanbul Convention preventions into Romanian legislation Good practice examples in the implementation of public policies in the DV and EO field
Calin Alexandru Stanciu
Romania – a Key Factor in the Counteraction of Russia In The Black Sea Region
Florin Iftode
Interregional Cooperation between Romania and Hungary under the Aegis of European Territorial Cooperation Goal
Sergiu Pirju, Alisa-Mihaela Ambrozie
When Legitimacy meets Violence. The Limits of Soft Power in the Eastern Partnership
Mihaela Adriana Pădureanu
Strategies for preventing major conflicts at global level
Nicolae Florin Prunău
Perceptions on the European Union in the Member States Politicians’ Discourse during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Anișoara Popa
The Relationship between the Salafist Current and the Wahhabite Movement
Eva Alexe
The Reform of Romanian Police Forces between Necessity and Possibility
Tutu Pisleag

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

Robin George Collingwood’s Philosophical Influence on Eugenio Coseriu’s Hermeneutical Conception
Cristinel Munteanu
New interdisciplinary dimensions of educational communication in the first decades of the 21st century
Filip Stanciu, Lidia Stanciu
Significant Aspects of Transactional Analysis
Mirela Arsith
The Impact of Conflicts in the Organizational Development
Angela Mihaela Ene
Internal communication during the crisis. Case study - Suceava County Hospital
Florentina Popa
Cooperation for Intelligence Support in Multinational Organizations
Mircea Mocanu
A Methodological Blueprint for Social Sciences Research – The Social Sciences Research Methodology Framework
Norbert E Haydam, Pieter Steenkamp
Imagining the behavioural scenarios in the discourse of publicity bank brochures- a persuasion mechanism.
Huțu Elena-Tatiana Dâlcu- Năstase
Academic and Professional Discourse in Translation
Ana Maria Mangher (Chitac)
Drug Advertisements across Cultures
Ana Maria Mangher (Chitac)
Idries Shah and the Mysticism of the Orient
Alina Beatrice Chesca
Intercultural Learning – a Priority of the 3rd Millennium
Alina Beatrice Chesca

New Trends in Psychology

Active Ageing: A Framework for the Global Strategy for the Prevention of Falls in Older Age
Lacramioara Mocanu, Diana Pradaiș
Community Development
Lacramioara Mocanu, Diana Pradaiș
Psycho-Pedagogical Characteristics of Children with Intellectual Disabilities
Lacramioara Mocanu, Diana Pradaiș, Crina Clima
Challenges for Prevention of Falls in Older Age
Lacramioara Mocanu, Diana Pradaiș, Crina Clima
The Psychanalitical Approach of Personality
Neaga Susanu
Gaze and vizual behavior in profesional and interpersonal relationships
Marian Panainte

Sports Governance. Modern Methods and Practices

The Impact Of The Global Pandemic On Romanian Football
Aurelian Gheorghiu
The institutional challenges of organizing a large-scale sports event in Romania. The example of UEFA EURO 2020
Florin Sari

The Youth of Today - The Generation of the Global Development

Management activities for promoting a business
Maria Pirlog
Ethics in business management
Andreea Ene
The corporate social responsibility in Romania
Dan Pauna, Valentin Adrian Petrea
Crime of Bribery
Ana Alina Ionescu Dumitrache, Paula Năstase
Prohibition of Ill-treatment in Criminal Proceedings
Ana Alina Ionescu Dumitrache, Alexandru Adrian Eni, Madalina Valentina Albani
Pedagogical Management
Grigore Gică Dacian, Manuela Carmen Panaitescu (Bogariu)
The Role of Educational Management
Nina Mihaiela Obreja, Ana Maria Gheorghe
Management of Students' Class
Mihaela Caraman, Miruna Andreea Nechita
Role-based e-learning vs. eService-Learning– modern educational approaches based on mobile and social 21st-century technologies
Laura Danilescu
The Value of Human Life: Aspects on Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide
Ana Alina Ionescu Dumitrache, Nelu Gheorghita
Procedural and institutional aspects regarding the role of the security manager in the national institutional system
Adelina Anghel Renea
Public Relations Campaign For Promoting Courses Of Personal Development
Daniel Prodan
Evaluation of Internal Audit Performance By The Balanced Scorecard (BS) Method
Nicoleta Ardeleanu (Trifu)
The financial-accounting Decision in the Crisis Generated by COVID-19. The Role of the Professional Accountant in the Company
Isabela Raluca Bogasiu
Analysis Of Internal Audit Efficiency By Using The Data Development Analysis (DEA) Method And Linear Regression
Diana Alexandra Baicu
Study on the Relationship between the Normalised Accounting Model and Financial Risk
Cristian Florin Gheorghe
Financial Risk Analysis Model in the Context of the Romanian Accounting System
Delia Mihaela Ibanisteanu (Ionasz)
Multimedia Communication in Times of Crisis
Elena Radu, Mihaela Vapor