Danubius International Conferences, 17th International Conference on European Integration - Realities and Perspectives

Verbal and non-verbal communication in animal protection campaigns

Emilia Eni
Last modified: 2022-04-28


The present paper analyzes and highlights the possibilities through which we can treat a problem of the entire Romanian society, namely the behavior of the population towards the protection of stray animals. We believe that a possible solution is to raise public awareness of the importance of sterilizing animals in households and on the streets. Analyzing the situation in the last two years, since we moved to a permanent residence in rural areas, we realized that the lack of effective communication has led to the spread of this sad phenomenon in our country. The situation of stray dogs and cats is quite delicate, especially for us animal lovers who fight every day with their own forces to stop the phenomenon. However, it would be much easier for local institutions to actively collaborate on such projects. Therefore, based on the research,we propose solutions based on communication and public relations strategies through which NGOs together with the local public administration to sensitize the local community in order to sterilize the animals in the households.