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Legal Sciences in the New Millennium

Autonomous means of transport - who is responsible?
Florina Anca Mateescu
Subjects and Some Procedural Aspects in the Case of the Crime of Forgery in Official Documents - Critical Opinions
Bogdan Bîrzu
Forgery of Documents under Private Signature
Ion Rusu
Intellectual Forgery
Minodora-Ioana Rusu
Considerations regarding the Crimes against Humanity and Genocide
Ana Alina Ionescu Dumitrache
The Child’s Protection in Public International Law
Jana Maftei
New Aspects of Jurisprudence on Protection order and Domestic Violence
Gabriela Lupsan
Historical, Legal, Political and Humanitarian Aspects of Involvement O.N.U. in the Conflict in Ukraine
Stefan Gheorghe
Disagreement of the Concept of Family. From Patria Potestas to the Modern Family
Tiberiu N. Chiriluță
The Differences between the Offenses of Abuse of Power and Violation of Rules at Work
Mirgen Prençe
Rehabilitation according to Albanian Criminal Legislation
Mirgen Prençe

The European Citizen and Public Administration

A New Tool for Digitalisation of Public Administration – Blockchain Technology
Luminita Movanu
The Adaptation to Crisis Situations of the Civil Service and Civil Servants in Terms of Ethical and Legal Values Specific to Public Administration
Georgeta Modiga

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

Ancuța Loredana Cărăuș
Performance and Risks in Designing a Research Proposal
Gabriela Marchis
Promotion and Development of Wine Tourism in the Republic of Moldova
Rodica Burbulea, Veronica Movileanu
Social enterprises - viable solutions for people with disabilities?
Maria Alexandrescu, Mihaela Grasu
Implications of Public Finances Sustainability on the Consumption of Renewable Energy in EU Countries
Anca Florentina Vatamanu, Elena Cigu
Study on the audit of non-financial information from the perspective of European directives
Tanasa Florentin-Emil
Modern Paradigm Regarding Capital Markets: Fractal Market Hypothesis. Determination of the Hurst Exponent on the Romanian Capital Market
Ana-Maria Metescu
CSR–the Requirement in the Development Process. Reality and Perspectives in Romania
Luminita Maria Filip
Interdependence between Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Case Study: Trends of Entrepreneurship in Romania
Rosemarie Puscaciu
Electronic Payments, the Antidote of the Hidden Economy
Alin Sergiu Nitu, Aurelian Constantin
Shell Companies - White Collar Mafia
Alin Sergiu Nitu, Aurelian Constantin
The Resilience of Romanian Companies in a Pandemic Context through Digitalization
Rodica Pripoaie
Food Blockchain
Dan Pauna, Carmen Sirbu, Anca Turtureanu
Food Security of the EU Member States in the New Post-Pandemic and Geopolitical Context
Rodica Pripoaie
Non-financial Reporting as a Catalyst for Sustainability and Transparency of Information in Romanian Companies
Marian Simion Cernea, Sebastian Gabor, Ruxandra Bărbuc (Popescu), Marian Catalin Burcescu
Social enterprises - viable solutions for people with disabilities?
Maria Alexandrescu, Mihaela Grasu
The Validation and Capitalization of the Accounting Truth and of the Appropriate Image in Accountancy by Means of Financial Audit –Practical Specifics
Mangu (Giurea) Gabriela

Green Economy and Sustainable Development

A discussion on the pollution haven hypothesis in the case of developing economies - a national carbon accounting approach
Florian Nuta
Energy intelligence – a way of being emotional intelligent towards the environment
Florian Nuta
The Analysis of CO2 Emissions in European Union by Means of Fourier Development
Catalin Angelo Ioan, Gina Ioan
Sustainable consumption: a systematic review of empirical articles in Romanian context
Madalina Balau
Romanian Ecotourism
Burlacu Nicoleta Veronica
Ecological green tourism. The new trend that can save the economy and nature
Oana Andreea Nae
Green Economy - The Engine Of Economic Growth And Development In Romania In The Context Of Climate Change
Florentina Chitu, Andra-Nicoleta Mecu, Anca Gabriela Turtureanu, Carmen Cretu, Georgiana-Ionela Marin
Online Trade Of Clothes In The Context Of The Green Economy
Georgiana-Ionela Marin, Andra-Nicoleta Mecu, Florentina Chitu, Anca Gabriela Turtureanu, Carmen Cretu
Tackling Climate Risks: Current Strategies For Monitoring And Preventing Climate Hazards
Andra-Nicoleta Mecu, Florentina Chitu, Georgiana-Ionela Marin, Carmen Gabriela Sirbu, Emanuel Ștefan Marinescu
An Unusual Economy Faces New Challenges in the Current Global Crisis
Luminita Maria Filip

Modeling Growth – between Public Policy and Entrepreneurship

Social Economy Of Vulnerable Groups In National And European Context
Nicoleta Moron, Camelia Medeleanu
The SWIFT system – between bless and penalty
Alina Nuta
Conditionality Factors regarding the Performance of Goods Traffic on the Danube
Andra Luciana Turcanu (Marcu), Alina Beatrice Raileanu
Analysis of the evolution of public health expenditures and the impact of the pandemic
Mihai-Bogdan Petrisor

International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy

Collaboration of Western Balkans Countries, an Essential Element in Promoting Peace and Prosperity in the Balkans Region
Mirela Metushaj
Predictive post-conflict evolution on the European continent
Beteringhe Adrian, Stanciu Lidia, Stanciu Filip
Risk of Unintended Effects of Hostile Actions
Mircea Mocanu
The Impact of Terrorist Acts on the Security of Civilian Air Navigation
Alexandr Cauia, Feodor Bria
Extradition Institution - Form of International Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters
Sorbala Mihail Boris
Consolidation of Democracy in Post-Communist Europe and Political Transformation in Central East Europe
Blerina Muskaj, Mirseda Shehdula
United Nations. History, Role and Responsibilities in Maintaining Peace in Contemporary International Relations
Stefan Gheorghe
Implications of Allegations of Genocide in Contemporary International Relations
Stefan Gheorghe
The Conference on the Future of Europe: Upgrading Deliberative Democracy in Hard Times
Lucian Dirdala

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

‘Security’ and ‘Crisis’ in Populist Discourse -a Brief Exploratory Study-
Alexandra Oanca
Social Responsibility: Romanian Social Campaigns on Social Networks
Delia Oprea
Social Responsibility Campaign in Crisis Situations
Florentina Popa
The changing relationship between politics and voters. Parliamentary election campaign 2021 in Durrës.
Dorina Berdufi, Eva Teqja
Communication and Leadership. From Adam Smith to R.G. Collingwood
Cristinel Munteanu

New Trends in Psychology

Drug Use among Adolescents and Young Adults. Perspectives Theoretical, Combating and Prevention
Lacramioara Mocanu
Cognitive Processes Involved in Forming the Impression about the Other – Truth Personal and Universal
Lacramioara Mocanu, Acnana-Maria Pătrăuşanu

Sports Governance. Modern Methods and Practices

Do people seek Physical Therapeutic Recovery?
Camelia Panfiloiu

The Youth of Today - The Generation of the Global Development

Income taxation in Romania
Georgiana Eliza Dinu
The Activity of Mercenaries in the State of Mali – A Negative Factor on Regional and International Security
Igor Soroceanu
Perspectives of Payment Methods
Cosmin Stefan Sinca, Maria Barabas
The Doctoral Student's Responsibility for Violation of Ethical Standards during Doctoral Studies
Ieremie Maria Cristiana
Between the Right to Life of the Unborn Child and the Right to Dispose of the Pregnant Woman's Own Body
Nelu Gheorghita
Promotional Strategies at SC Agricola Bacău S.A.
Simona Chirilă (Săghean) Chirila (Saghean), Madalina Balau
Exploring the influencer marketing business. Case study on The Blonde Salad
Ana-Maria Iordache, Madalina Balau
Persuasion Tactics In Sales Negotiation For Cosmetics
Elisabeta-Elena Saraev (Anghel), Madalina Balau
Distribution Strategies of Nestlé
Sorin Ghilasi, Madalina Balau
Persuasion Tactics In Negotiation. Case Study On Life Care
Andreea Cerasela Bonta, Madalina Balau
Desertion, Fear of War or Cowardice?
Florin Gafton, Alexandru Adrian Eni
Legal Presumptions of Paternity
Carmen Ion
Internal Communication vs External Communication in Image Crisis
Daniela Grigore
The employer brand in Romania
Elena Grigore
The role of Organizational Culture
Claudia Stefania Marghiru
Employer brand -
Irina Nelersa
Consumer Behavior regarding organic food. Kaufland Case Study
Alexandru Rosu
Communication and Public Relations in Crisis Situations Caused by Violence against Women
Daniela Rosca, Adrian Bobocea
Employer branding - a dialogic communication tool of a competitive employer
Cristina Radulescu
Verbal and non-verbal communication in animal protection campaigns
Emilia Eni
The Role of Online Communication in Building Meaning
Valerica Ghilic
Employer branding strategies
Catalina Paula Petrea
Organizational culture in The Galati Steel Works
Narcisa Elena Simionescu
Identifying Crises in an Organization
Cristian Catalin Ababei
The Impact of Taxation on the Company's Treasury
Magdalena-Veronica Căldăraru, Paula Georgiana Olaru
Fraud of European Structural and Investment Funds in the Romanian Context
Alexandru-Adrian Eni, Florin-Doru Gafton
Public finances functions and the impact on the size o the public sector
Maria-Carmen Mardare, Lucica Boboc, Iuliana-Elena Maria
Cryptocurrencies - evolution and implications
Adelina Ungureanu, Gianina Marin, Andrei-Cornel Maravela, Georgiana-Iulia Ichim, Simona-Petronela Burcuta, Camelia Zaharia, Viorica Holbea
The Romanian Leu: history and relevance
Ionut Turturica, Georgiana Ionescu, Maria-Francesca Scurtu
Romania and the European Union
Bogdan Gotu
Contemporary Trends and Challenges of the European Union
Cezar Andrei Hanganu
Romania's Accession and Integration into the European Union
Ion Lucian Sava
Favorable Stress - Neurodidactical Approach
Cecilia Mihaela Olteanu, Filip Stanciu
The Degree of Adopting Neurodidactic Methods in Learning Process
Cristina Dobri, Filip Stanciu
Psychological Counseling - The Consequence of the Refusal to return the minor to his legal residence
Lenuta Giurgea, Carmen Ion
Talent vs. Successful Work and School Failure
Mihai Nistor, Filip Stanciu

Higher Education Management of COVID-19: Lessons for Future Pandemics

Shaping the Key Competencies for Romanian HEIs’ Teachers in Using Gamification as Innovative Tool in Education: MEDIIA Project Experiments
Gabriela Marchis
Hybrid education – some pedagogical and technical aspects
Alina Nuta, Andy Pusca
The Concepts of E-Learning, M-Learning and U-Learning in Education
Angelica Staicu, Georgian Dan
Aspects Relating to Technology of Educational Communication Methods (And their Use in Higher Legal Education)
Angelica Staicu, Georgian Dan

The New Paradigm of FinTech and CyberSecurity

The New Paradigm of FinTech and CyberSecurity
Mircea Constantin Scheau, Calin Rangu, Florin Vasile Popescu, Daniel Mihai Leu
Managment of Transport and Logistics in Ports using 5G Technology
Cristian Beceanu, Ana Tudor, Dan Trufin, George Suciu, Razvan-Alexandru Bratulescu
FinTech tools and cybersecurity challenges
Alina Nuță, Călin Rangu, Cătălin Apostolescu, Iustin Priescu, Daniela Joița