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Legal Sciences in the New Millennium

The Importance of Financial Law in the Public Law System
Mariana-Alina Ștefănoaia
Some Aspects Regarding the Provisions of Articles 175 and 308 Paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code
Mihaela Rotaru
Some Aspects of the Execution of Court Decisions regarding the Establishment of the Residence of Minors and the Exercise of the Right to Personal Ties with the Minor
Gabriela Lupsan
International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters - General Aspects
Andreea Corsei
The Coman case-at the confluence between economic integration and the field of fundamental rights
Mihaela Adriana Oprescu
Some Aspects Related to Identifying and Preventing a Certain Type of Online Behavior
Angelica Staicu, Dan Georgian
Legal mechanisms in the case of inheritances from life insurance contracts
Tudose Maricica
Family abandonment
Ion Rusu
The European Union's Legislative Framework for the Protection of National Minorities: principles of non-discrimination and equality
Jana Maftei, Varvara Coman
Application of the principles of international humanitarian law, State of law, state of facts Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
Stefan Gheorghe
The Humanitarian Activity of the International Committee of the Red Cross in the conflict in Ukraine state of law state of fact
Stefan Gheorghe
Psychological Aspects in the Assessment of the Crime-Scene Statements
Mihail Sorbala, Aliona Melentieva
Guaranteeing the Rights of Persons Sentenced to Life Imprisonment: Normative Framework and Objective Realities
Mihail Sorbala, Irina Vasilașcu
The Incest in Romanian law
Bogdan Birzu
Ioana Rusu
The Expertise on Data derived from Technical Surveillance Measures
Sandra Gradinaru
Reflection on Albanian legislation related to decentralization in local self-government in the light of EU legislation
Andon Kume
Cyber Attacks In The Context Of Russian-Ukrainian War
Luca Iamandi, Ionel Vladimir Virgolici, Alina Melania Ionita, Alexandru Draganescu

The European Citizen and Public Administration

Text Codification for Statistical Production using Machine Learning
Helda Curma, Valentina Sinaj
Comparative analysis regarding access to benefits and social advantages for migrant workers, their family members in the EU (II)
Georgeta Modiga
Comparative analysis of access to social benefits and advantages for migrant workers, their family members and other categories of EU migrant citizens (I)
Georgeta Modiga
The Communication – An Important Factor in Organizational Management
Manuela Panaitescu, Gheorghe Chiru
A Sustainable View of Public Administration for a Bucharest Smart City
Luminita Movanu
Effectiveness of Active Labour Market Policies: Literature review
Eda Spahiu
The Need for Mentoring Activity in Public Administration in Romania
Manuela Panaitescu, Tincuta Vrabie Gudana, Cornelia Tureac
Public Management - Role and Importance in Social Assistance
Adriana Simona Doca, Cornelia Tureac
Risk Management in Social Services
Adriana Simona Doca, Cornelia Tureac
Teleworking or working at home carried out within institutions
Ionel Vladimir Virgolici, Alina Melania Ionita, Alexandru Draganescu, Ionel Catalin Stegaroiu

Green Economy and Sustainable Development

Organic farming from the economic perspective for Romania
Silvia Mazăre
Performance of Multinational Companies, Through the Prism of Social and Environmental Accounting
Cornelia Maria Nitu
Opportunities for increased cross-border trading in the Balkan region
Doriana Matraku, Valbona Karapici
Green Finance development in Albania
Kristi Dashi
Education – The Portal to A Green Society
Gabriela Marchis
The nexus between FDI, renewable energy and environmental quality – a view on the moderating role of remittance
Azer Dilanchiev, Florian Nuta
Environmental quality related challenges for emerging economies – from pollution haven to green economic growth
Florian Nuta, Itbar Khan, Hayat Khan
Environmental challenges for Balkan emerging countries - an overview
Florian Nuta, Fatmir Memaj
Resilience and energy transition - aspects of German experience
Diana Joita, Mirela Panait, Carmen Elena Dobrota, Razvan Ionescu
Return to coal or transition to green energy? The future of the energy sector in Europe in the context of the war in Ukraine.
Razvan Ionescu
Are the Fiscal Rules in Albania Reducing the Fiscal Deficit?
Desantila Muja
Barriers and enablers of circular economy: A Systematic Literature Review
Ervisa Ndoka
A comprehensive assessment of the literature on the determinants of environmental degradation
Andrea Gatto, Alina Nuta
Fiscal morality and environmental responsibility
Alina Nuta, Olivier Joseph Abban, Alex Boadi Dankyi, Charles Ofori, Pradeep Mishra, Muhammad Hafeez
European priorities in education for green sustainable development
Florian Nuta, Bogdan Petrisor, Rose Marie Puscaciu
Improving the Resilience of Inland Waterways against Climate Change
Andra Turcanu (Marcu), Carmen Gabriela Sirbu, Alina Beatrice Raileanu
Albanian Migrations: trends and patterns
Eglantina Zyka
Sustainability and Innovation at Tirana Universities: Students perceptions on Sustainable Development in higher education in Albania
Ada Mucina Bici, Mimoza Skënderi Kasimati
The impact of Public Private Partnerships Instrument in Energy Sector: Case of Albania
Silvana Doçi
Role of Tourism in a Green Economy
Anisa Feshti
Corporate governance in the era of COVID-19
Tanasa Florentin-Emil
Accounting issues related to renewable energy sector
Iuliana Oana Mihai
Assessing the acceptance of Automated vehicles in China: A Technology Acceptance Model
Muhammad Irfan
Assessment of heavy metals in Carasuhat and Zaghen ecological restoration areas (Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve)
Iasemin Suliman, Iuliana – Mihaela Tudor, Orhan Ibram, Lucica Tofan
Barriers and enablers of circular economy: A Systematic Literature Review
Ervisa Ndoka
Sustainability and Innovation at Tirana Universities: Students perceptions on Sustainable Development in higher education in Albania
Ada Mucina Bici, Mimoza Skënderi Kasimati

Modeling Growth – Challenges and Opportunities

Overview of the Challenges Affecting the Accountability of the Municipal Manager in Mahikeng Local Municipality
Howard Chitimira, Tumelo Sethunyane, Phemelo Magau
The Role of Selected Regulatory Bodies in the Promotion of Financial Education in South Africa
Howard Chitimira, Phemelo Magau
The IFRS' Impact on Financial Reporting as well as the Asymmetry of Financial and Accounting Information
Gabriela Mangu (Giurea), Georgiana – Janina Soare, Emanuel – Catalin Ciobota
The Telecommunications Industry and Its Impact on the Albanian Economy
Etleva Leskaj, Loren Lazimi
FDI Flows in Balkans: What is contributing to this important pillar for growth?
Tincuta Gudana Vrabie, Nicoleta Constandache
Savings or Investment. Personal Budget Management
Sorin Enache, Elena Enache, Cristian Morozan
SDG 1 2030 for Ending Poverty- Can Albania Achieve this Goal?
Fatmira Qema, Elkjer Qema
The impact of Oil Price Shocks, Energy Consumption, Trade Liberalization on CO2 Emissions in China
Irfan Ullah, Alina Nuta
Sustainable Urban Development Policies and Practices in Albanian. A Comparative Study with Developing Countries
Fabjola Dorri, Besa Shahini
Innovation and SMEs: A Binom of Economic Growth - Case of Albania
Megi Marku, Besa Shahini
An investigation on the use of online financial services
Alina Nuta, Cristina Zamfir, Calin Rangu
Directions for Improving the Internal Audit of Some Stocks of Circulating Assets
Igor Balan, Mirela Moldovan
Management of Budgets for Agricultural Crops in the 2023-2024 Agricultural Season
Igor Balan, Andrei Zbanca, Vasile Uritu
Current Trends in International Tourism in the Post-Pandemic Period
Anca Turtureanu, Carmen Mihaela Cretu, Emanuel Marinescu, Carmen Gabriela Sirbu
The Image of the Tourist Destination in Romania and the Way Towards an Authentic Country Brand
Anca Turtureanu, Carmen Mihaela Cretu, Emanuel Marinescu, Carmen Gabriela Sirbu
Female directors and salary excess: a comparative study for Spain and UK
María Encarnación Lucas-Pérez, Brian G.M. Main, Antonio Mínguez-Vera, Gregorio Sánchez-Marín
Aspects Regarding CyberSecurity Developments on SaaS Software Platforms
Andrada Iulia State, Georgiana Alexandra Morosanu, Laura Andreea Rata, Marius Geru

International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy

The people of the Earth - The new rules of geopolitics
Emilia Andreea Motoranu
The Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance II role on promoting regional cooperation within Western Balkan Countries
Dr.Elda Zotaj, Dr.Meljana Bregu
Security in the Western Balkans
Mirela Metushaj
Organizing and coordinating a keiretsu group in the Japanese economy: Business Network based on soft power
Nicolae Florin Prunău, Alisa-Mihaela Ambrozie
Realism, liberalism and the current security issues in Central and Eastern Europe: a theoretical overview
Lucian-Dumitru Dirdala
Blockchain Applications in the Maritime Sector: a conceptual framework
Alisa Mihaela Ambrozie, Ionel Sergiu Pirju, Nicolae Florin Prunău
Non-governmental organizations and their role in humanitarian actions to protect the civilian population. The involvement of Amnesty International in the conflict in Ukraine
Stefan Gheorghe
Romanian Diaspora - a non-state international actor
Anisoara Popa
International Relations in post Ukraine war. Geopolitics and Diplomacy in the light of new alliances
Evelina Lusha
Some Theoretical-Practical Considerations Regarding Land Estate in the Republic of Moldova
Tatiana Stahi, Mariana Robea
Is Microcredit an Effective Short-Term Tool in Curbing Migration? The Case of the Rural Areas of Shkodra, Albania.
Armalda Reci, Mimoza Zeneli

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

Igor Balan
Igor Balan

The University of the 21st century - Challenges, Emerging Models and Perspectives

The University of the 21st century as a plurilingual and pluricultural space: the case of medical students in the context of migration in Romania
Anamaria Ioniță
The need for teaching of Higher Education in the XXI Century
Lidia Stanciu
Prolegomena for a University of the Future
Filip Stanciu
Towards the profile of the University teacher in the 21st century
Lidia Stanciu, Cornelia Tureac
Health Education – A major challenge for the University of the XXI Century
Beteringhe Adrian
The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership
Manuela Panaitescu, Filip Stanciu, Adrian Beteringhe, Cornelia Tureac
Knowledge Management System
Filip Stanciu, Lidia Stanciu, Cornelia Tureac, Manuela Panaitescu
The impact of online teaching due to COVID – 19 and post COVID period in Albania
Gentiana Kraja, Alma Golgota
The impact of online teaching due to COVID – 19 and post COVID period in Albania
Gentiana Kraja, Alma Golgota

New Trends in Psychology

Peculiarities of the personality of teenagers raised in single-parent families. Studies and research
Doinita Popa

The Youth of Today - The Generation of the Global Development

Human Resources Attraction and Retention in Tourism Industry in Albania – addressing effects of the great resignation
Sidita Dibra
The strategic management of the company - the business development solution
Camelia Zaharia (Manolache)
The fiscal system in Romania
Antonela Maricica Cazan
Public Administration in an Information Era. Challenges and Opportunities
Silviu Bacalum
Tax evasion: consequences, reduction
Antonela Maricica Cazan
Income taxation of natural persons: concrete methods of calculation
Antonela Maricica Cazan
Digital money and digital transition
Pintilie Aritia, Coforea Regina, Popa Andreea Margareta, hotnog Dan Alexandru, Ariton Ionela, Beniuga Rebeca Beatrice, Olaru Daniela, Cerchez Cosmina-Luminita
Some comments regarding Romanian Leu
Balteanu Elena, Luca Gica, Bouras Clara, TUDOSEI LORENA, PITIRICI ADINA MIHAELA, Sterpu Rodica, Pocora Mirela
The role of the financial system
Nitu Mihaela, Cismigiu Iulian, Maftei Raluca
Political, military, and economic relations and their role in the foundation of contemporary society
Violeta Gheba
SWOT Analysis - a management instrument
Viorica Holbea
Workforce Sustainability And Leadership – A New Technology Industry Model Assessment
Ioana Gutu, Florentin - Emil Tanasă
Tax Regulations Regarding Micro-Entrepreneurs In Romania In The Current Context
Paula-Giorgiana Olaru, Mihaela-Nicoleta Epure
The importance of public relations in managing an organization's image
Alexandra Mihaela Burlacu
Political communication in crisis situations. Public relations campaigns in social media
Silviu Ghenghea
AI artificial influence - in the paradigm of professional photography
Iulian Stoica
Public relations and business marketing
Elena Panainte
Dan Pauna, Turturica Ionut
The employer's brand
Alexandra Sandu
The Role of Tour Operators and Tourist Agencies in Promoting a Sustainable and Socially Responsible Tourism
Dan Pauna, Turturica Ionut
Creating and promoting a brand's image online
Monica-Mihaela Sbarnea
The role of organizational culture in preventing internal crises
Narcisa Elena Simionescu
Public Relations and Business Marketing
Catalina Voicu
Wages in Romania in the Current Economic Context
Liviu-Marian Constantinescu, Rodica-Nicoleta Sterpu, Carmen-Mihaela Cretu
The Economic Consequences of the Pandemic Crisis on Car Services in Neamț County
Bogdan-Ionuț Boțu, Luminita Maria Filip
The Rise of FinTech and the Need for Robust Cybersecurity Measures
Mirela-Alexandra Ungureanu (Oraca), Luminita Maria Filip (Craciun)
Fiscal Aspects Regarding Vat on Collection in the Context of 2023
Andreea Margareta Popa, Lorena Diana Tudose, Carmen-Mihaela Cretu
Managerial Strategies in Promoting the Image of a Public Institution
Loredana Monica Cotoc, Manuela Panaitescu
Participatory Management
Luminita Andresescu, Manuela Panaitescu
Extending VLC Safety applications using mixed technologies and microservices
Lucian-Mihai Cosovanu
Theorizing the Nexus Between Discourses on Migration and Security
Alina Cojocaru
Opinions on Resilience to Biological Crises
Vasile Bogdan, Viorel Catalin Mihalcea

The New Paradigm of FinTech and CyberSecurity

Necessity of Cyber Insurance Regulation to Face New Challenges
Calin Rangu, Mircea Constantin Scheau

Medical and Health Education

Methods of financing the health system in the Republic of Moldova
lilia vasile dragomir
Methods of Preventing School Dropout through Sports
Florentin Vasilescu, Sorin Iordache, Nicoleta Leonte

Higher Education Issues, Policy, and Management

Studying the Factors Related to Teachers` Work Engagement in Albanian Lower Secondary Schools
Enida Kume
The role of European Commission recommendations in the field of education. Case study: Recommendation " Digital education – enabling factors for success"
Adriana-Maria Sandru
Analysis Of The Impact Of Leadership Competences In School Organizations
Manuela Panaitescu, Gheorghe Chiru
Agile Management and Leadership in Education
Doinita Popa

Technology in Education

The Impact of Information Technologies on the Educational Process
Ecaterina Gamurar, Dionisie Pîntea